Coral Reef Conservation in Indonesia and The Benefits of Coral Reef

coral reef conservation

Coral Reef Conservation – Indonesia is famous for its abundant natural wealth and biodiversity. This is what makes the government and society strive to maintain its sustainability, especially in waters.

Now, coral reef conservation in Indonesian waters is continuously being promoted to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Coral Reef Conservation

As you already know, Indonesian waters have a lot of protected marine biota, considering that their numbers are also decreasing over time.

Therefore, to protect marine ecosystem habitats, the government implements marine conservation related to coral reefs.

The goal of the coral reef conservation program is to sustainably maintain, restore, and use coral reef ecosystems and other related ecosystems.

Additionally, it strives to enhance the welfare of those living close to the ecosystem by enhancing the ability to manage marine resources.

In Indonesia itself, coral reef conservation is very much in progress, such as in Aceh and Bali.

The government and the community both carry out conservation by keeping the balance of the ecosystem from being damaged.

Not only that, the government also provides counseling related to the program.

The Benefits of Coral Reef

From the information above, maybe you have got an idea about the benefits of coral reefs for marine biota. For more details, see the explanation below carefully!

1. Habitat and Food Resource

Diverse marine life can live on coral reefs and use them as a food source and habitat. Many different kinds of living organisms can be find here, and they all live, eat, shelter, and reproduce.

High levels of biodiversity can be find on coral reefs.

These coral reefs are a source of genetic variety and the species found to have greater survival rates due to the tremendous biodiversity present in them.

2. Ecosystem Protecting

Coral reefs can be helpful in protecting the local ecosystem, serving as mangrove forests formerly did, and they can also shield beaches and coastal areas from strong waves.

Coral reefs can lessen the intensity of waves that are headed inland, which can prevent coastal erosion and environmental harm.

By doing this, the abrasion that occurs along the coast can be prevent and won’t affect those nearby.

Additionally, because of the widespread community-perpetrated poaching at the moment, this environmental protector also contributes to maintaining the equilibrium of the marine food chain.

3. Economically

Economically, fisheries rely heavily on coral reefs. It happens because it contains a variety of fish species that can be capture for human consumption.

Naturally, this will raise the produce from the fisheries, which will assist to boost the local economy.

Additionally, coral reefs are a source of pharmaceuticals. This occurs because coral reefs contain compounds that numerous scientists have explored to create medicines for people.

The Indonesian people have a strong chance of achieving economic equality if this is pursue properly.

That was information related to coral reef conservation and its benefits.

As residents whose biggest income depends on the waters, we must jointly protect coral reefs so that the marine biota ecosystem in them is maintain.

That way, the welfare of the surrounding area can also be improve.