The Development of Kaimana Port in West Papua and Surabaya Sea Toll

The Development of Kaimana Port in West Papua and Surabaya Sea Toll
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The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) added two additional maritime toll routes for Kaimana Port in West Papua this year. Entrepreneurs in the logistics industry have responded well to the inclusion of the new line. They push the government and ship owners to strengthen socialization and oversight to maintain the price of products.

The Development of Kaimana Port in West Papua and Surabaya Sea Toll
Sumber : Detik Finance

The new marine highway has a path that the administration has chosen. The ship will travel to Kaimana Port in West Papua from Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya. This month saw the launch of the new route.

What the Government Said?

According to Henky Pratoko, head of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) DPW East Java, transportation business owners responded favorably to the increase in routes. 

Kaimana Port in West Papua may promote the expansion of port-based cargo transportation. “We anticipate the government will keep expanding the fleet of maritime toll ships. The amount is still insufficient right now,” Henky remarked.

Henky predicted that there would be additional transit options with the expansion of routes. It affects both product development and ship departure timeliness. According to Henky, there are several factors that the government and ship owners should consider regarding the sea highway. 

The cost of moving commodities is now subsidized. Entrepreneurs nonetheless expect that it won’t have an impact on service quality.

Along with providing services, the government must promote socialization. Awareness of the goods prioritized for shipping by sea toll is essential. The goal is to help with the cargo search of Kaimana Port in West Papua.

Henky asserts that the goods shipped by sea toll carriers should be less costly. Pricing needs to be managed before the product hits the market. Reminding the item’s owner is also necessary. 

Additional Sea Toll Project for Kaimana Port in West Papua

Government Expands Sea Toll Route Direct Connection Between Java and Papua. The ministry of transportation has introduced a marine toll route to Kaimana Port in West Papua. The Tanjung Perak – Kaimana – Tanjung Perak route will be served by the new T30 Sea Toll line. 

The island of Java is now directly connected to the West Papua region’s logistical flow, according to the acting director general of sea transportation Arif Toha. Previously, the T27 highway, which runs from Merauke through Dobo, Elat, Tual, Kaimana, Biak, Serui, and Nabire, functioned as the sea toll route to Kaimana Port.

According to Arif’s official statement released Thursday, “Kaimana Port itself has an existing pier with a length of 123 x 8 meters, which can accept ships with a standard capacity of up to 14,000 DWT and a depth of -8 mLWS.”

According to Arif, the growth of maritime freight transit to all regions of Indonesia is necessary for continuous and regular shipping. By doing this, it will be possible to close the price difference between Indonesia’s western and eastern provinces while fostering the distribution of goods and the development of the economy in remote and underdeveloped areas.

The Operation Route

To maximize the return load afterward, he stated, “The Sea Highway is intended to facilitate smooth distribution supplies in the region and stimulate the economy of local citizens.”

The National Sea Transportation Company operates ships on this Sea Toll route following the rights and duties outlined in the law through the assignment and public auction mechanisms. The Ministry of Transportation has added transit ports to Kaimana Port in West Papua. Also, updated the base ports on the T-11, T-19, T-22, T-23, T-24, T-25, and T-26 sea toll routes and introduced toll routes.

The Decree of the Director General of Sea Transportation Number KP – DJPL 8 of 2022 specifies the addition of this route. The DJPL judgment is effective beginning January 1, 2022, and ending December 31, 2022. There are currently 34 marine toll lines to help distribute national logistics after including additional routes. Among some of them are:

  • T-11 : Tanjung Perak – Fak Fak – Tanjung Perak
  • T-19 : Sorong – Depapre/Jayapura – Biak/Korido – Sorong – Pomako – Merauke – Pomako – Kokas – Sorong
  • T-22 : Biak – Teba – Bagusa – Trimuris – Kasonaweja – Teba – Biak – Brumsi – Biak.
  • T-23: Merauke (Coconut Lima) – Kimnam – Moorish – Bade (Mapi) – Gantiri (bovendigoel) – Merauke (Coconut Lima),
  • T-24 : Merauke (Coconut Lima) – Atsy – Agats – Atsy – Senggo – Atsy – Merauke (Coconut Lima)
  • T-25 : Timika (Pomako) – Atsy – Eci – Atsy – Ewer – Agats – Sawaerma – Mamugu – Timika (Pomako)

Adding two new maritime toll routes for Kaimana Port in West Papua represents a significant step forward for the Ministry of Transportation. We can only hope that the logistics industry will advance due to this development. What do you think?