The Advances in Disaster Preparedness and Response in West Papua

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West Papua – As a country that unfortunately has a high risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis,

Indonesia must have a very high level of preparedness for natural disasters so that these disasters can be handled properly.

Fortunately, various measures have been taken to ensure disaster preparedness in West Papua is well maintained.

Outlook on West Papua’s Geographic Condition

Geographically, the West Papua region belongs to the Australian Plate region.

However, West Papua has a location close to several other plates, such as the Eurasian Plate, the Philippine Plate, and the Pacific Plate.

This makes areas around West Papua, such as Maluku and its surroundings, have a fairly high risk of earthquakes and tsunamis due to the confluence of these four tectonic plates.

But unfortunately, the classic problem of underdevelopment of infrastructure development in Indonesia also impacts the levels of disaster preparedness in West Papua.

Even though all of Indonesia can be said to have the same high level of risk,

The level of readiness of Papua to deal with disasters such as earthquakes has unfortunately been neglect for a long time.

The Development of Disaster Preparedness in West Papua

Fortunately, the disaster management scheme in West Papua has been follow up so that West levels of disaster preparedness in West Papua can be better.

Efforts have been madke to improve the quality of the scheme.

1. Infrastructure development

In October 2022, the National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure (BPBN) at the West Papua Province level presented a method

Called Smart to increase disaster management at the city and district levels throughout the province.

This method is an initiative of the Local Agency for Disaster Countermeasure (BPBD) as a first step so that the people of West Papua can be better prepare to deal with natural disasters.

In addition, earthquake detection infrastructure owned by the Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG)

Has also been install in several places throughout Papua to ensure the ability to detect natural disasters is maintain properly.

2. Awareness building

To increase preparedness for natural disasters in Papua, awareness building relate to natural disasters is also carry out intensively.

One example is the socialization on disaster mitigation conduct by BPBD Sorong on 12 April 2023.

This socialization involved numerous officials from 41 urban villages and 10 districts, along with all RT/RW in these areas.

Considering that Sorong is a big city in the province and has the potential to experience huge human and material losses

If a disaster occurs, in the regions if this socialization is carry out starting from the Sorong area before other areas throughout West Papua.

According to the head of BPPD Sorong, Herlin Sasabone, outreach about natural disasters

At the subdistrict level can ensure that information about natural disaster management and responses can be properly distribute.

Considering that several subdistricts, such as Matamalagi and Tanjung Kasuari, are unfortunately prone to floods and earthquakes,

It is not surprising that this outreach was carry out so that awareness about natural disasters can spread in Papua.

3. Strengthening of institutions

The strength of natural disaster management institutions is one of the parameters of disaster preparedness in Papua.

To strengthen existing institutions, the Papua Health Service has tried institutional strengthening in collaboration with UNICEF and the Health Management Policy Center of FK-KMK UGM on 9-13 January 2023.

These three parties are very important in institutional strengthening. So that the West Papuan authorities can be better prepare to deal with natural disasters.

Thanks to all the initiatives above, there has been much progress in levels of disaster preparedness in West Papua

That makes the province better prepared to face similar disasters in the future. Losses of life and material can now be more protected.