Discover Misool in West Papua with a Diverse Array of Archipelago

Discover Misool in West Papua with a Diverse Array of Archipelago
Source: Cruise Mapper

Raja Ampat as an archipelago in West Papua, of course, has islands surrounded by beaches. Spread over 600 islands, four of which are large, namely Waigeo, Misool, Batanta, and Salawati. The uniqueness of Misool in West Papua is the presence of a row of rocks in the east and the beautiful white sand with stunning views of the green mangrove forest. The sea water also looks beautiful with turquoise blue. Because of the clear sea water on Misool Island, you can easily see various natural riches at the dive point, such as various types of fish, sharks, turtles, coral reefs, and others.

Discover Misool in West Papua with a Diverse Array of Archipelago
Source: Cruise Mapper

8 Diverse Archipelago of Misool in West Papua

1. Lake Lenmakana

Reporting from various sources, the isolated position of Lake Lenmakana for thousands of years makes this habitat a shortage of predators. This condition causes the jellyfish that live there to experience evolution and lose their sting.

Lenmakana Lake is in the middle of the sea and is quite remote. Large karst rocks surround the lake itself. Tourists must prepare extra stamina and safe clothes because the track to get there is quite extreme.

2. Lake “Love” Karawapop

The uniqueness of Lake Karawapop lies in its shape, which resembles a heart or love. Lake Karawapop is also known as the Love Lagoon by locals and travelers.

To witness this uniqueness, you must first climb to the top of the hill. The hike takes approximately 30 minutes. In addition to preparing extra energy, you must be careful because the track to this location is steep, with a slope of almost 90 degrees.

3. Harfat Peak of Misool in West Papua

The natural beauty of the Raja Ampat Islands, including Misool in West Papua, can also be enjoyed from Harfat Peak. The location is not far from Karawapop Island.

Harfat is an acronym for the names of two local community leaders, Harun Sapua and Fatma. Both are owners of the Harfat Jaya inn, located in Harapan Jaya Village. Moreover, they are also the founders of Harfat Peak.

Harfat Peak is very popular among domestic and foreign travelers. By local people, this peak is called Dapunlol.

4. Namlol Beach

After reaching Harfat Peak, try to visit Namlol Beach. Besides being attractive in the natural landscape, this beach is unique because a lagoon is visible from the shoreline.

The lagoon at Namlol Beach gives the beach its nickname, “The Pond of the Sea.” For information, the dark blue color, among other blues, indicates that the lagoon is quite profound. Namlol Beach offers snorkeling as an activity. There is a calm water current in the shallow waters due to the external nature of the seas.

5. Laguna Balbulol

Balbulol comes from the words “Balbul” which means a kind of octopus, and “lol,” which means a lot. According to local beliefs, many octopuses live under Balbulol Lagoon waters.

There are two types of seas in the Balbulol Lagoon: deep and shallow. However, the current is relatively calm, so you can swim or snorkel to see beautiful fish and exciting coral reefs.

6. Ancient Paintings

The Sumalelen cliffs are also an exciting tourist attraction and can provide education for children and new information because ancient paintings are scarce.

7. Yapap of Misool in West Papua

It sounds like the name of a foreign destination, but this place is still in Indonesia. It’s still rare for people to know this place because it can be called a hidden gem. Many karst hills with unique shapes surround this place.

8. Sacred Cave

The tomb in front of the cave makes it a sacred cave. At the top of the cave’s mouth, there is natural calligraphy of “Allah.” To access this cave, you must use a speedboat.

Wrapping Up

To reach Misool in West Papua, you can schedule a flight to Domne Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong. After that, to explore Misool Island, you can join a tour using a Phinisi boat. As an archipelago, this area’s primary means of transportation is sea transportation. The ship is undoubtedly your vehicle to get around and explore and explore the beauty of Misool Island.

There are tour packages where the boat can also be a vehicle and a place to stay to explore being in a small paradise with spectacular beaches and underwater views. If you visit resorts such as Papua Diving and Misool Eco Resort, they usually provide a pick-up service from the airport in Sorong as a private speedboat.