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Diving into the Stunning Underwater World of West Papua

West Papua

West Papua has a place to dive into the fantastic underwater world. This place is called Raja Ampat. The scenery and marine ecosystems are unique and hard to find anywhere else.

Many world divers come to enjoy the beauty of the exotic underwater scenery of Raja Ampat.

The Enchantment of Raja Ampat, Amazing Diving Sites in West Papua

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat has been recognized as the world’s top ten best places to dive.

For lovers of the underwater world, Raja Ampat offers the most fantastic experience in the world. Here are some of the charms of the marine paradise of Raja Ampat in West Papua:

1. Island with Complete Flora and Fauna

The collection of underwater flora and fauna in Raja Ampat is one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Divers who come are not only ordinary tourists but also researchers of underwater life.

Evidence from various studies states that there are around 540 species of coral, 700 species of mollusks, and more than a thousand reef fish species in Raja Ampat waters.

This number shows that about 75 percent of the world’s coral reef species are here.

You can find barracuda, stingrays, sea horses, tuna, reef sharks, and turtles in these waters.

In addition to a variety of fish, the beauty of coral reefs also makes divers feel at home for long underwater.

This region’s various endemic flora and fauna West Papua can still be found living freely.

For example, the bird of paradise only exists in Papua. There are also parrots, cuscus, and various types of charming flowers such as orchids.

2. Has a Beautiful Blue Sea

Raja Ampat is a group of small islands consisting of four main islands. These four islands are Misool Island, Waigeo Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island.

The layout of all the islands is close together and surrounded by blue and clear seawater.

Blue and green colors dominate the natural landscape in Raja Ampat. Blue is the color of the water, while green is the color of the trees that cover the surrounding islands.

The clarity of the water in the waters of Raja Ampat makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs in it from above the water’s surface without having to dive.

Even when the sea water is receding, the corals appear to be sticking out of the water.

Coral reefs can last long enough without being damaged when exposed to sunlight. It proves that coral reefs can adapt well to changes in environmental conditions West Papua.

3. Heaven for Divers

The best way to enjoy the charm of Raja Ampat’s natural wealth in West Papua is by diving or snorkeling.

For those who have never dived, a tour guide will guide and teach you how to dive. Complete diving equipment is also available.

Calm waves allow the fish to swim in groups and get closer to human habitation. The fish and the charming coral present a paradise for world divers.

This area has straits between islands of various sizes, from narrow to wide. The number of gaps or straits makes the speed of seawater flow uneven in all places.

This difference in water currents can be utilized and adapted to the wishes of the divers who come.

There are many diving and snorkeling points to choose from in Raja Ampat. One of them is Kabui Bay.

There are also diving spots around Arborek Island Pier, Friwen Beach, and many more.

The Raja Ampat Sea in West Papua is a stunning diving spot. The beauty of Raja Ampat is even on par with the beauty of the world’s waters, such as the Maldives.

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