Diving Sites In West Papua: Gentle Slope And Rich Sandy Bottom Of Mioskon Island

Diving Sites In West Papua: Gentle Slope And Rich Sandy Bottom Of Mioskon Island

There is no wonder that Raja Ampat has such incredible natural tourist destinations. You can find various clusters of islands neatly lined around the waters of this district in West Papua. The most attractive to visitors is the island of Mioskon or the island of bats. Not only bat fauna but other land animals live in this area. Here is the info!

Heading to Mioskon Island

Raja Ampat is the best choice when you want to take a vacation to enjoy the underwater beauty. You can choose one of the islands with many attractions, such as Mioskon Island. However, there are several ways to reach the location of this beautiful island. One way you will take is to use the flight route to Sorong City.

You must check the flight route to arrive at Sorong. After arriving at Eduard Airport, tourists can walk to look for other public transportation (yellow transportation) to the port of Sorong. If you are still in doubt, try to ask the local community for help to direct the route to the port. Don’t worry about your vacation budget increasing because the rates are pretty affordable.

Meanwhile, you can rely on Speedboats if you want to get a faster travel time in West Papua. Choose the path from Sorong or Waisai to get to the location. However, using this type of transportation is more expensive than before. If you want to save money, you can come with a group alone. It will provide the best experience to visit the Raja Ampat.

The Beauty of Mioskon Island Raja Ampat

1. Unique Slope and Soft Sand

Mioskon is a beautiful dive site in Papua that you can visit. The location of this island is north of Raja Ampat, in the Dampier Strait. One of the uniqueness of this dive site is the coral reefs that surround the island in a V shape. So, this island has waters along a gentle slope up to a hill of 25 meters with relative size.

Meanwhile, the characteristic of its gently sloping location makes life abound and emerge from everywhere. Tourists can see the sandy bottom covered by rocks. Not only that, but you will find wire corals and lots of small groups of reef fish. As a result, it provides a beautiful view that you should know when visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua.

2. Easy Access by Divers and Snorkelers

Unlike other sites in the northern region of the archipelago, this site is the perfect place for beginner divers and snorkelers alike. The fact that this island has coral formations makes accessing it more accessible if you imagine. True, this island has an attraction that is able to provide a new experience for novice or professional divers.

In addition, there are also relatively shallow sites to make it a very suitable place for divers’ beginners. You can see how beautiful various rare creatures under the sea are. Simultaneously, divers can see the beautiful coral reefs as a great first impression of what they can find in Raja Ampat.

3. More beautiful Fauna and Flora


The beautiful marine life in West Papua will surprise you when you dive in the Mioskon Island underwater. It is because of the wide variety of marine life that you rarely find in the Indonesian oceans. You can see several creators such as sweetlips, butterflies fish, Jack, damselfish, angel, parrotfish, surgeonfish, batfish, and many more.

It is a popular site if you want to get a closer look at the peacock mantis prawns. In addition, on rare occasions, divers can also see a blue-ringed octopus. Mioskon is easy to reach night when you’ll find a bunch of different creatures like sponge crabs. Furthermore, you can also see harlequin shrimp, walking sharks, and many other fantastic creatures.

4. Awesome Site

Mioskon island does offer unforgettable beauty for tourists. The island is a great site because of the biomes covered with soft coral. Inside this reef, staghorn and skin can provide the best diving experience. Plus, you can also see a magnificent orange sea fan with feather decoration. In addition, the island has anthias, sponges, hard corals, and tunicates.

What You Should Expect When Visiting Mioskon Island:

When you do a relaxing dive in the waters of West Papua, try to do it from the side of the island. It can leave a reasonable distance between the entry points of the dive sites on the southeast side. Meanwhile, the slopes to the sandy highlands will have plenty for you to see. You can even find a large number of Yellow and Blue Lined snappers hiding under the coral.

Overall, it is also possible to see many Wobbegong sharks as a rare and endemic species in the region. They will mostly be on shallow upland reefs waiting for their prey. Stopping at a depth of about 12 meters, you can observe various tropical fish, such as humpback parrot fish, jacks, moray eels, pagoda fish, etc.