The Privileges of Doom Island with Different Architecture

Doom Island

Doom Island – About three kilometres from the small port of Sorong City, there are several large islands. One of the most famous islands is the Doom Island.

Visitors only need 15 minutes by fishing boat to reach it from Sorong City.

Various Features of Doom Island

Doom Island has a rich Sorong history that is no less interesting with its beautiful natural conditions. Here are some facts about the history and beauty of Doom :

1. Overgrown with Fruit Trees

This island, full of historical value, is also known as Dum Island by the local indigenous people (the Malamooi tribe).

This island has the meaning of an island where many fruit trees grow. Lots of fruit plants grow on Doom Island, especially breadfruit.

2. Not Too Broad

Doom Island has only about 5 square kilometres, and you can surround it in just 45 minutes. This island is densely populated, and many immigrants live there.

They generally come from Javanese, Buton, Bugis, and Toraja ethnic groups.

3. Lived Since the Dutch Colonial Era

The speciality of Doom Island is not only in its geographical conditions.

Since the Dutch era, the Doom has been known and inhabited. The Dutch have been eyeing the existence of this island since the 1800s.

Then around 1935, Doom was made the capital of the central government of Sorong called Onderafdeling. The centre of activity was entirely on Doom Island.

It makes Doom get electricity, infrastructure, and various facilities first compared to mainland Sorong.

So, do not be surprised if Doom Island was shining among other places in the waters of Sorong at that time.

Because of the bright light, the local people also call Doom the island of stars.

4. Once Lived During the Japanese Colonial Era

The Netherlands and Japan have also experienced living on this island. During the second world war, Japan made Doom their defence base in Hollandia’s territorial waters.

The Japanese army made many caves interconnected with many defensive bunkers in the style of the Japanese war strategy at that time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that at this time, we will find lots of caves from Japan that are widespread on the mainland of Doom.

4. Has a Different Architecture

The buildings of Doom have a very different architecture from anywhere else in Papua, including Sorong. Papuan houses are generally build on stilts and made of wood.

However, on the Island of Doom, there are typical Dutch houses with constructions known to be strong and neatly arrange.

Various relics of Dutch facilities, such as the Electricity Substation, the Church, and the Multipurpose Building, are still strong.

5. Pedicabs are Passing by

Another unique thing on Doom is the existence of a means of transportation in the form of rickshaws that travel a lot.

Amazingly, becak only exist on this island and do not spread to the city of Sorong.

This pedicab was brought by several migrants who had previously decided to live on Doom.

This condition eventually developed and made becak one of the main means of transportation on this beautiful island.

Besides tricycles, there are also motorcycles and bicycles as a means of transportation. Meanwhile, people rely on motor or fishing boats to connect Doom with Sorong.

Many foreign tourists, especially Dutch and Japanese citizens, come to Doom only to reminisce about their existence there.

The charm and history of Doom Island are indeed very interesting.

Communities or newcomers who occupy this island must always have the awareness to preserve this priceless historical treasure.