The Enchanting Potential of Ecotourism in West Papua

Get to Know Ecotourism in West Papua

West Papua has a lot of natural and cultural potential that must be developed to make this area more developed to improve people’s welfare. The potential of ecotourism in West Papua is one of the things that is being actively developed at this time.

Ecotourism in West Papua Province can also improve the tourist area because the authorities will also pay more attention to the area.

To recognize this ecotourism in West Papua, please see the explanation below!

What is Ecotourism in West Papua?

Ecotourism in West Papua Becomes One of the Attractions

Before knowing the potential examples of ecotourism destinations that you must visit while in West Papua, there are several things you need to know, namely:

Definition of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a tourism activity whose main focus is to experience new experiences in unspoiled areas, which can be useful for increasing knowledge and appreciation and conserving nature and local culture. [1] 

This kind of tourism does not only pay attention to the aspect of economic benefits for organizers or the community but also balances it with the preservation of nature.

The ecotourism concept is suitable for those who want to experience a pleasant vacation while contributing to the balance of nature and the local economy.

This can happen because tourists and organizers will be more sensitive to social and environmental problems, so they can both introspect for a better nature. Not only that, but the surrounding community can also benefit financially from the large number of tourists.

Ecotourism Development in West Papua

After the handover of the Social Forestry Decree from the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, the West Papua Government has been increasingly aggressive in developing ecotourism and non-timber forest products (HHBK). With this letter, each region can increase the productivity of its land. [2]  

In addition to several forestry areas that have become ecotourism areas, several areas have begun to appear with similar potential to be developed in the future.

It’s not only the local government developing each ecotourism location. The surrounding community is also involved so that all parties can feel the benefits in the future.

In addition to utilizing funds from the government, which has limitations, local governments are also trying to attract investors to invest. The participation of Non-Governmental Organizations (LSM) is essential in assisting the community in carrying out this management.

Examples of Ecotourism in West Papua

Good Example of Ecotourism in West Papua

Essentially, ecotourism combines the concepts of tourism, education, conservation, community involvement, and the economy. During this ecotourism development effort, there are currently several good ecotourism spots when you want to visit West Papua, namely:

1. Arfak Mountain Ecotourism

Ecotourism with the theme of birdwatching is suitable for you who want to see a variety of typical birds there. Some of them are Beak Crescent Kurikuri, Cenderawasih Split Rattan, Namdur Polos, and Parotia Arfak.

The many types of birds you can see are due to the efforts of the people who continue to preserve the forest so that its biodiversity is maintained.

When visiting, you will be guided by local people. Besides watching the birds, you can also see the beauty of the mountains.

Visitors are only allowed to look around and take photos, considering the theme is ecotourism, so it is forbidden to touch birds there.

2. Malagufuk Tourism Village

Apart from the Arfak Mountains, you can also do ecotourism to see local birds at Malagufuk Village Ecotourism. You can see cassowaries and birds of paradise in their natural habitat.

Besides that, you can also see the Bird’s Wing butterfly, whose wingspan is like a bird’s. With the guidance of a local guide, you can see these birds in the forest from 06.00 to 07.30 WIB.

3. Arborek Tourism Village

If you want to feel the beauty of the sea, then you can visit Arborek Tourism Village. The main attraction is the beautiful underwater charm, such as various types of fish, coral, etc. So it’s no wonder that many tourists go snorkeling here.

With all the potential for ecotourism in West Papua above, many ways can still be done to make nature or the local Papuan people move forward.