Education in West Papua – Development of an International Standard University

Education is a vital aspect to educate the nation’s children. For this reason, the development of education in West Papua is being intensively improved. Including establishing universities with global standards. That is why the development of international universities is the focus this year. For further details, read additional information as follows.

Government Support To Develop Education in Papua

Papua has a large area with various kinds of abundant natural resources. In addition, Papua still requires top management of the economic and education sectors. By increasing the level of education in Papua, local communities have an excellent opportunity to learn how to manage natural resources better and improve the economy optimally.

One of the government’s plans to provide the best results for the Papuan people is to build universities. The government is optimistic that it can provide quality education internationally. This plan is stated in the Decree of the Minister of Culture, Research and Technology. With this plan, education in Papua can be appropriately improved.

This step is simultaneously realizing the Presidential Instruction regarding the acceleration of development and welfare in Papua. Later, there is a plan to establish an international university with excellent faculties. The university in West Papua will be equipped with an outstanding international research center. It is essential to support student learning facilities while studying.

The faculties that will be optimally developed are Science and Technology. In addition, there is also an Educational and teaching faculty to produce quality educators. The campus will also bring in the best teachers from Papua and abroad. Of course, the teacher must have a scientific background under the needs of the campus.

This step is helpful to support the acceleration of progress in the land of Cendrawasih. In other words, this significant decision received appreciation from the Office of the Presidential Staff. They hope that universities with international standards can contribute to producing quality human resources. As a result, this can advance Papua as a region in eastern Indonesia.

Excellence International Standard University in Papua

Following a decree from the Minister of Culture, Research and Technology, Papua will soon have the first international standard campus. The campus establishment has obtained the University Establishment Permit, which was recently issued. The advantages of this university are expected to contribute to science & technology as well as teacher training & education.

In the future, Papua International University will also bring in lecturers from West Papua and from abroad. It is followed by a scientific background that follows the needs of the campus and progress in the Land of Papua. Adapting education to global standards provides a significant opportunity for local communities in Papua to have good skills.

In this case, the Chairman of the People’s Representative Council (MPR), Bambang Soesatyo, said the learning method at the Papua International University was under international higher education qualifications. One way to improve education is by applying international standard platform applications. Also, there is a partnership system with universities from abroad.

In the future, students can study for two years at the Papua International University. After that, students can continue for two years of education at other foreign universities. With this practical program, it is hoped that establishing this international standard university can produce quality human resources for development in West Papua.

In addition, this international university is an effective way to start a new foundation for the quality development of Eastern Indonesia. Not only that, but human resources in Papua have high competitiveness. In addition, they can improve their achievements and absorb potential workers who are qualified in their fields thanks to a world-class university.

Universities with international standards have good potential in developing cooperation in the field of higher education. This is supported by the strategic area of ​​Papua, which is located close to several countries, including Papua New Guinea (PNG), Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific nations. With this in mind, this is an excellent opportunity to develop education in Papua.

Expectations of a University with International Standards in Papua

Soon Papua Will Have An International Standard University | WEST PAPUA NOW

The presence of the Papua International University gives new hope for the education sector, significantly higher education in Papua. It supports the central government in realizing accelerated education in Papua significantly. For this reason, the government has facilitated the Decree on the Permit for the Establishment and Inauguration of the Papua International University.

Many parties are optimistic that this university can become ‘Harvard’ in Indonesia. Besides having two excellent faculties, namely; Science & Technology and Teacher Training & Education, this university in West Papua will have excellent international-scale facilities that will significantly support students’ learning facilities. As a result, his education became the best.

In addition, the university is expected to contribute superior quality human resources. In the future, international universities will advance the Land of Papua and help Indonesia pursue demography in 2030. No wonder this university has a positive response from the community and all levels of government.