Efforts to Rehabilitate Damaged Ecosystems on the Coast

efforts to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems

Efforts to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems on the coast are important to preserve the environment.

The existence of mangrove forests in this case plays a crucial role because it can prevent abrasion which erodes community settlements.

Moreover, Indonesia is an archipelagic country consisting of many waters.

Efforts to Rehabilitate Damaged Ecosystems for Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest conservation is often carry out by the government from the Ministry of Forestry, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as well as by the local government.

So that mangrove forests are not damage, conservation and rescue actions are need. Then, how we do it?

1. Procuring Seeds

The first forest preservation effort is by procuring seeds. To be able to save mangrove forests, it is better to plant seeds.

This is because the seeds plant in the mangrove forest are taken directly from nature or rely on the mother tree from the mangrove. Currently, no one has planted the mangrove tree seedlings.

If you continue to rely on seeds from nature, then these seeds can become scarce, so the procurement and planting of these seeds is very helpful in preserving mangrove forests.

2. Paying Attention to the Health of the Seeds

Seeds are one of the most important efforts to save mangrove forests.

This is because without seeds, the preservation of mangrove forests cannot last long. In addition, the health of the seeds must also be consider properly.

Only high-quality seeds should be sown because not all seeds are create equal.

The stems, branches, leaves, and roots can be use to determine the quality of the mangrove seeds. Plant pests do not disable or harm healthy seeds either.

3. Reforestation

After the seeds have been select or inspect, reforestation or replanting of damage mangrove forests can be carry out.

The community must also be involve in this reforestation effort because it is the community who will benefit from the reforestation of mangrove forests.

This reforestation must be carry out regularly by the government and the community so that they can both maintain the existence of the mangrove forest.

In addition, with this activity, they can increase their sense of responsibility to participate in maintaining the existence of the forest.

4. Spatial Arrangement

The next way to save mangrove forests is to rearrange or arrange the coast, residential areas and also vegetation.

Later, if spatial planning can be done, the mangrove forest can be use as a beach tour. One of the activities that can be carriy out by ecotourism tourists is to plant mangrove trees on the coast.

The more tourists who come, the more mangrove trees can be planted. Reforestation carried out by the local community and government has made mangrove forests flourish.

Besides, this also has an impact on the economic aspects of the community who also benefit from the presence of the mangrove forest.

The government and society must participate in efforts to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems in coastal areas.

Considering the existence of mangrove forests is very important for the life of the Indonesian people, so these efforts need to be made to avoid problems, such as abrasion and climate change.