Exploring The Best Diving Spots For Beginner in West Papua

Exploring The Best Diving Spots For Beginner in West Papua

Raja Ampat is one of the dream sites for divers from all over the world. However, this marine paradise has the characteristics of strong currents, which may be difficult for beginner divers. In fact, you can still find diving pots with calmer winds for divers who are just starting their adventure. Thus, here are some guides for staying safe in West Papua.

Can Beginner Divers Choose Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is located at the Indian and Pacific Oceans intersection as the Indonesian Passage. It allows a number of aquatic animals to pass through the islands and create strong currents. Of course, these currents give the charm of the extraordinary coral reef system in the waters of Raja Ampat. As a result, this makes the biodiversity so unique in Papua.

The currents are so heavy that divers have to master such a great skill. In this case, the diver must have a professional drift skill, which is usually not something that a beginner diver is proficient in. Undercurrents can be powerful in certain climates and weather. For divers who are not used to the style of drifting, this site can be quite an adrenaline rush.

But don’t worry, not only professional divers can reach the waters of Raja Ampat. Beginner divers can also adventure in this water area in West Papua. The trick is to choose a dive site with calm water. It is recommended that you find a suitable location by relying on the services of a professional tour and guide. It will take you to the ideal and best site.

Beginner Divers Requirements in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is famous for its remote location and far from medical assistance. The only room you can find for decompression is Waisai. With all this, diving in Raja Ampat requires PADI Open Water certification as the primary requirement. Thus, before getting one, the dive guide will assess your skill level before entering the water or famous sites.

Please note, before booking a diving trip to Raja Ampat, you must be entirely sure of the original destination. It includes all the diving gear you need. A must if you have confidence in a controlled descent when entering seawater waters. You should also be able to control buoyancy with your breath of air.

These skills may seem like basic diving skills, but you must master them before diving in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Often Divers will start with shallow dives so that divers are used to the currents in the sea when they arrive in Raja Ampat. So, choosing a professional guide will significantly impact your skills.

Before that, you need some planning to get there in order to choose a skilled guide. If you need to do more dives before booking a trip to a diverse site, you may want to first look at some beginner-safe site resources. As a result, you can dive according to the skills you have dominant.

Recommendation of Diving Sites for Beginners

Some of the starter sites you can consider to start a diving trip in Raja Ampat are pretty diverse. You can visit Mioskon, Fansisco’s Peak, Manta Sandy, Frewin Island, and Fam Island sites. Avoid diving at Sardine Reef, Mike’s Point, Blue Magic, and Cape Kri. If you want to know the safest site in Raja Ampat, here is the information.

1. Mioskon

Mioskon has shallow slabs of water with beautiful coral reefs in West Papua. Its unique structure can provide an opportunity for novice divers to start diving here. At a depth of 9 meters, you can see coral reefs with many small creatures. Furthermore, the waters at this site are calm and warm, which is ideal for novice divers.

2. Manta Sandy

Manta Sandy is famous as a dive site that is a must for all beginners. This site is straightforward to choose for beginners, which is what keeps this site so busy. Before selecting this location, you must order and report your arrival to the post. Then, you can dive at the area according to the rules that the manager has set.

3. Frewin Island

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This island is one of the hidden paradises in Raja Ampat. A small village becomes a transit center before stepping onto the coral reef. Its calm waters provide an opportunity for divers to embark on an adventure while in Raja Ampat. You can also feel the shallow waters around Frewin Island as an option.

4. Fam Island

If you want to see the beauty of other coral reefs in Raja Ampat for the first time, Fam Island is the ideal choice. You can find garden corals that are so amazing. It is suitable for novice divers who see the stunning underwater beauty for the first time. For these reasons, you can start the diving journey in West Papua much easier.

Overall, Raja Ampat is famous for its stunning underwater beauty. It is because of its strategic location and passed by various diverse creatures. You can practice skills in calm and shallow waters for those of you who are still beginners. It provides an opportunity for you to dive into the underwater Raja Ampat more diverse.