Top 5 Export Commodities from West Papua

West Papua
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West Papua is blessed with a considerable amount of natural resources. The top 5 export commodities from West Papua include mineral, fish, jewelry, wood and wood products, and agriculture crops. Due to its high quality, the commodities aren’t exported to other regions in Indonesia and other countries. This has become the source of foreign exchange that contributes mainly to the provincial income. Let’s learn further about the top 5 export commodities from this rich region.


West Papua
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West Papua, especially Bintuni Bay Regency, is rich in mineral resources, making mineral the most exported commodity. Most of the exported minerals are in the form of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). This sector has contributed more than 95 percent to the total number of exports from this region. However, the number of exports can fluctuate at times. The rise and fall of the number of exports heavily depend on the global demand and LNG prices worldwide. 

Fish and shrimp

West Papua
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The second-most exported commodity is in the fishery sector. There are two centers of fisheries in the region, namely Bintuni Bay and Sorong. Recently, Tambrauw is also developed to improve its marine and fishery sectors. West Papua has an abundant quantity of marine biotas, but the quality is also something to consider. Hence, the demand for the fishery sector is high. The primary fishery export commodities are tunas, shrimps, and crabs. They’ve been exported to Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Jewelry and gems

West Papua
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Speaking of jewelry and gems, the region takes pearls production to a new level. It builds six companies in total to develop pearls. The location of the companies is scattered around West Waigeo District, Waigeo South, Batanta, and Misool Island. Although pearls are only harvested once every three months, one harvest can produce hundreds of tons of pearls. The top export destination countries are Thailand, Singapore, and Japan. 

Wood, wood products

West Papua
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The forests in West Papua produce various woods, but Merbau woods is the most-exported one. In the beginning, woods cannot be exported directly because of the complicated regulations and permits. Thanks to CV Sorong Timber Irian in partnership with Pelindo IV, Merbau woods are finally shipped to Shanghai Port, China, through Makassar Port. Merbau woods are commonly used as furniture, floorboards, addition to patio, dock, or the outdoor construction because it’s termite resistant and able to withstand extreme weather. Meanwhile, the locals utilize Merbau woods as herbal medicine. 

Agriculture crops 

West Papua
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The top export commodity in the agriculture sector is nutmeg. Nutmeg is an Indonesian spice that has a lot of benefits. It can be used for food or health. Although West Papua is not the only region that produces nutmeg, the nutmeg in this region is different in terms of Astrid Safrole content, taste, and shape. 

The level of Astrid Safrole content is higher, the size is bigger, the shape is more oval than the nutmeg from other regions, and the pericarp is not as bitter as the nutmegs in the different areas. In West Papua, nutmeg is cultivated, especially in Fakfak and Kaimana. Other export commodities from this region are corn, cocoa, and coconuts. 

The biggest export destination country from West Papua is China, followed by Japan and South Korea. The three top countries alone contribute over 95% of the total export value from West Papua. The other export destination countries are Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The commodities are exported through the Sorong Port, Bintuni Bay Port, Soekarno Hatta Airport of Jakarta, Manokwari Port, Tanjung Perak Port, and Sultan Hasanuddin Airport of Makassar.

Hopefully, the West Papua government and residents can maintain the quality and the quantity of those export commodities by preserving nature.