6 Amazing Facts About Fakfak that You Need to Know

Amazing Facts About Fakfak that You Need to Know

Basically, Fakfak is one of the most important areas for the civilization of the people in Papua. So, it is unsurprising that Fakfak has many interesting stories to tell. Therefore, there are many facts about Fakfak that you need to know. From history and tradition to the culture of people from Fakfak.

Here are must-know things about Fakfak Regency!

1. The Diversity of Fakfak Citizens

Fakfak Regency

Fakfak is one of the areas with the most ethnic diversity in Papua. Not only do native tribes of Fakfak live here, but also there are many immigrants. The social system in Fakfak has two categories: immigrant people and indigenous people. The natives refer to themselves as “anak negeri”.

The migrants that live in Fakfak also come from various regions. Some are from other regions in Papua, and others are from outside the island. Notably, they come from Java, Sulawesi, Maluku and Kalimantan. In addition, there are also immigrants from Arabia and China.

2. Become the Gateway to the Three Religions to Enter West Papua

religion in Fakfak

Besides the diversity of its people, Fakfak also has religious diversity. At least three religions enter through Fakfak, namely Islam, Protestant, and Catholic. So, it is not surprising that the religion in Fakfak is very varied. However, the majority of them are Muslims.

Around 63,08 % of Fakfak citizens are Muslim. Meanwhile, the Protestants are 18,27 %, the Catholics are 18,52 %, the Hindu are 0,09 %, and the Buddist are 0,04 %.

3. There are Many Traces of the Spread of Islam in Fakfak

Islamic Empires in West Papua Patimburak Old Mosque

As you already know, most of the people of Fakfak are Muslims. It is because, in the past, Fakfak was the center of the development of Islam in Papua. Therefore, it is not surprising that many traces of the spread of Islam exist in Fakfak.

According to history, there used to be several Islamic Empires in West Papua that were located in Fakfak. People know the group of Islamic kingdoms as the Petuanan. Then, there is also the legendary Patimburak Old Mosque that exists in Fakfak, to be precise, in Kokas District.

4. Fakfak Citizens are Famous for Their High Tolerance

Fakfak Citizens are Famous for Their High Tolerance - Facts about Fakfak

Due to the high diversity of religions and communities in Fakfak, the residents’ tolerance level is also very high. Even though they are different, they live side by side in harmony. Be it the native tribes or the immigrants, they all respect each other.

5. Fakfak Was Once the Economical Center in West Papua

native tribes of Fakfak

Basically, the location of Fakfak is very strategic, especially in coastal areas. So, it is not surprising that Fakfak was once the economic center in West Papua. Especially in the 14th to 20th centuries. The center of the trade route is Burau Bay. That place even has the nickname “Papuan Veranda.”

Many people from Maluku, Malacca, India, Arabia, and even Europe come to Fakfak to trade. At that time, they were looking for spices in the Fakfak area, especially nutmeg. In fact, nutmeg Fakfak is one of the best nutmeg in the world.

6. The Existence of Nutmeg is Very Important for Fakfak People

nutmeg Fakfak

Basically, nutmeg is not just a spice for the people of Fakfak. Its existence is very important for their social, cultural, economic, and ecological life. This is because most of the Fakfak area is an endemic nutmeg forest. So, the citizens make the best use of the existence of nutmeg.

In addition to being one of the economic resources, nutmeg trees also help prevent natural disasters. The tree roots can prevent flooding and landslides. Therefore, they really appreciate the existence of nutmeg. There will even be a traditional ceremony while harvesting nutmeg.

So, those are the facts about Fakfak that you need to know. It is definitely one of the most interesting areas in West Papua.