Facts About Papua New Provinces; Papuan Cultural Exploration

Facts About Papua

Facts About Papua

After being president for almost two periods, there are several establishments Joko Widodo has done regarding Papua. One is the formation of three additional provinces on the island of Papua. Those provinces are made through some consideration from the local and government party. These are the facts about Papua that you need to know.

Those three new provinces are South Papua, Central Papua, and the Papua Highlands. The province was officially announced on July 25th, 2022, as the addition of West Papua province and Papua province. The governor’s election for those provinces will be done in the upcoming 2024 elections and the presidential election.

The three new provinces have some attractions and characteristics that differ from one another. In this article, we are about to learn each one of them. So, want to know what they are? It is better not to skip the information in the article below!

Facts about Papua New Provinces

We will learn about each of the provinces that the government newly made. Those provinces are South Papua, Central Papua, and also Papua Highlands. The points below are the facts you must know:

●  South Papua Province

This province took about twenty years to be established. According to the community leaders in those areas, the initial formation was declared in 2002. Then in 2022, the community and the people raised the declaration of a new province again.

In this area, six major tribes have always been the original inhabitants, which are the tribes of Muyu, Marind, Awyu, Mappi, Asmat, and Mandobo.

According to the official data, the area of South Papua Province is over 127,280 square kilometers. The diversity is not only on the matter of tribe but also language. There are some Indigenous languages and local languages that are used in this area, which are Javanese, Aiyu, Wambon, Muyu, Asmat, and many more.

● Papua Highlands Province

The other facts about Papua are about the Papua Highlands Province. This new establishment is unique and different from other parts of the province in Indonesia. That is because Papua Highlands does not have a maritime boundary, which is the only one in this country.

The area covers about 108,476 square kilometers. This province also originates from the expansion of Papua Province. The space will have a total of eight regencies.

They are the provincial capital of Jayawijaya Regency, Bintang Mountains Regency, Yahukimo Regency, Tolikara Regency, Central Mamberamo Regency, Lanny Jaya Regency, Yalimo Regency, and also Nduga Regency.

Even though the area does not have sea territory like others, that doesn’t make Papua Highlands Province lack sources. This province has potential in many areas, such as natural, tourism, cultural, and many more.

● Central Papua Province

The following newly made province is called Central Papua. It has about 66,130.49 square kilometers and a population of over one million. The provincial capital of this area is Nabire, with Timika as the largest city.

Besides Indonesian, some languages are used in Central Papua Province. Which are Auye, Damal, Dani, Ekari, Keuw, Kuri, Lani, Moni, Nduga, Wano, Wolani, Yaur, Yeresiam, Javanese, and many more. It has many different tribes that scatter all over the region.


And those are the facts about Papua new provinces that you should know. Establishing those three provinces might give specific reactions from some people worldwide.

There are some that question the function of the establishment, and there are some that agree with the decision. Our task is to make Papua’s development more significant over the years, so this region can become more proficient and advance in many aspects of life.