7 Facts about Raja Ampat You Have to Know

facts about raja ampat

Raja Ampat is surely a stunning place to enjoy your holiday. But do you know some miraculous facts about Raja Ampat? Well, if you plan to visit West Papua, knowing these facts will help you to enjoy your trip even more.

1. Raja Ampat is Named after a Legend

Raja Ampat is Named after a Legend

Every place in Indonesia seems to have a unique name. So, why is it called Raja Ampat? According to folklore, there was a couple who found six dragon eggs. Five hatched – four men and a woman, while the other was a supernatural spirit.

For some reason, the woman got killed by four men. Thus, they became four kings, which was later translated into Raja Ampat. You may see four large islands in this place, such as Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo – each king’s name.

2. The Best Diving Spots on Earth

The Best Diving Spots on Earth

What is Raja Ampat known for? One of the best attractions offered by Raja Ampat is its diving spots. The coral reefs and fish species in this area are magnificent and magical. This is why divers would go the extra mile to witness what nature has offered in Raja Ampat.

3. Strong Current Wave

Raja Ampat consists of several small islands and the straits are narrow. The condition makes the diving sites feature strong waves. But you don’t need to worry because you can still do a drift dive. Still, it might not be the best place for beginners to start their diving experience.

4. More than 10 Spoken Languages

Where is Raja Ampat? This place is part of West Papua, a province in Indonesia. Yet, the most interesting thing is that there are more than 10 spoken languages in this area.

This condition might be the result of settlers and intermarriages between tribes. Other than ten languages, you may also listen to several dialects. Among those local languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia are the most popular. Some people even speak Dutch, too – a leftover from the past.

5. Prehistoric Hand Stamps

Prehistoric Hand Stamps

Do you know that you can find ancient hand stamps from the prehistoric era in Misool? Studies show that those stamps have been there for more than 50,000 years.

September to April might be the best time to visit Raja Ampat if you prefer diving. Meanwhile, if you want to hop in Misool, all year round is the best time. However, you better avoid June to October, considering the windy weather.

6. Home for the Most Beautiful Birds

Home for the Most Beautiful Birds - facts about raja ampat

There are quite a lot of popular places in Raja Ampat. One of the attractions offered by those pretty places is the numerous unique flora and fauna. It is not just a dream to witness exotic animals while trekking around nature.

Also, you may run into Cendrawasih, cockatoos, maleos, skunks, and many more. Sawinggrai village is one of the most popular places in Raja Ampat to witness the exotic birds with your bare eyes.

Other than that, those birds fly freely in nature – none of them are being kept. It is no wonder that even strolling around the village could be the best experience in Raja Ampat.

7. Not Everyone Can Visit Raja Ampat

The government limits the number of visitors, after all. Since Raja Ampat attracts many users, local communities and the government want to ensure the environment’s sustainability.

Additionally, every visitor must purchase a card to visit Raja Ampat. Without the card, you cannot continue your trip to this place.

And that’s a wrap – these are the facts about Raja Ampat that you need to know. Some include this little paradise in the list of must-visited places before dying. It seems a bit extreme, but this place is indeed one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You shouldn’t skip this place when you are visiting Indonesia, after all.