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Facts About West Papua for Travelers: Read Before You Visit!

Facts About West Papua for Travelers Read Before You Visit

Facts about West Papua as a destination, there are lots of attractions and activities to do. You can explore tropical rainforests, hike mountainous areas, live with the indigenous tribes of West Papua, go birdwatching, explore coastal mangrove areas, spend time on the beautiful beach, and even enjoy the ocean by living on board.

Important to realize, that among these top things to do, the most popular attraction is the archipelago area on the westernmost part of the island. Most of top attractions in West Papua are around the islands, beaches, fisherman villages, lagoon, and peninsula.

But before getting deeper into these top island destinations, there are several basic information and facts that you need to know before you are traveling in West Papua.

Go to Sorong Before Anywhere Else

Despite the capital of West Papua is in Manokwari, Sorong is still the largest and busiest city in the region. Also, Sorong is one of the cities that have become the destination of the Indonesian government’s transmigration program.

To emphasize, you can find a great diversity of ethnic groups, religions, and characteristics of people in Sorong, more than in any other area in West Papua. These facts could be beneficial for you because accessibility for everything will be easier.

Sorong has a large military and police base, and a lot of business districts as well. So in Sorong you can arrange travel documents, book a guide, make an itinerary, and prepare all the logistics you will need for your trip to other areas in West Papua. To be sure, people in Sorong are very welcoming, even to international visitors.

Equally important to note, Sorong is also the easiest transit place if you want to go to the famous Raja Ampat island. Most tourists stop in Sorong to immediately go to Raja Ampat. Make sure you get all the things you need because the accessibility in other areas of West Papua is not as easy as in Sorong.

Transportation Access

There are around 40 domestic flights per week to Sorong. So you can take it, mainly from Jakarta or Bali. Once you get to Sorong, you can access most of the West Papua destinations you want to visit.

Notably, small aircraft fly regularly from Sorong airport to several small islands in West Papua. One of the most popular is the one at Marinda Airport, Waisai, the capital of the famous Raja Ampat.

Alternatively, Sorong also has one of the busiest harbors in West Papua. From there, you can take a ferry to Raja Ampat. Yes, they are available daily. Another way, if you want to travel more comfortably, you can charter a boat from the locals!

Must Visit: Raja Ampat

As mentioned, Raja Ampat is one of the destinations in West Papua that you cannot miss. The Raja Ampat archipelago, often known as “The Four Kings,” are having more than a thousand.

Study shows that Raja Ampat is home to more than five hundred types of corals, thousands of coral fish, and hundreds of mollusks. This is one of the richest coral reefs and underwater lives!

To get the most out of the experience in West Papua, travelers usually join a tour or book a guide. These local people better understand the dive or snorkeling spot where you can enjoy the underwater beauty.

Seeing these facts about West Papua, there is no reason to hesitate to visit West Papua. Friendly locals and local professional guides will welcome you, and your presence will be greatly appreciated. By visiting West Papua, you already support the sustainability of tourism in West Papua and Indonesia.

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