Authentic Local foods You Need to Try When Visiting Fakfak Regency, West Papua

West Papua
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Fakfak Regency in West Papua, also known as The City of Nutmeg and its tolerant culture towards various religions and beliefs, offers not only beautiful natural beauties and amazing historical sites but also delicious local cuisines.

If you have the chance to visit Fakfak in West Papua, don’t forget to try their unique and delicious local cuisines. So, what are these delicacies you can try in Fakfak?

West Papua
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What to Eat in Fakfak, West Papua?

  • Manisan Buah Pala (Sweetened Nutmeg Fruit)

As the biggest nutmeg producer in Indonesia, you have to try their specialty in the form of sweetened nutmeg fruit. This confectionery is made by drying the nutmeg fruit out in the sun without any preservatives so that the original taste of the fruit is still intact. Its natural aroma is also a smell you cannot get enough of. There are two types of these snacks; the locals sell them in dried form or preserved in sweet syrups.

  • Martabak Sagu

Another local delicacy from Fakfak, made out of sago flour. Sago flour is made from the dried pulp of sago tree, a staple food for people in Fakfak, West Papua. If martabak is made out of wheat flour in other provinces in Indonesia, Fakfak people use sago as the base. Sago flour is mixed with water, fried in vegetable oil, and filled with coconut sugar or palm sugar. The combination of sweet and savory taste is often served as a welcoming snack for guests.

  • Asida

Asida is a local dessert served only during Ramadan month. Its chewy texture and sweet flavor are similar to another local dessert from Garut, West Java, called dodol.

Asida is made from flour, brown sugar, spices—such as cinnamon, pandan leaves, and margarine. It is most suitable to replenish the energy after a whole day of fasting.

  • Papeda

Another unique cuisine from West Papua made out of sago flour. Papeda is a kind of porridge with a thick and sticky texture, served with a variety of fish dishes such as mubara or codfish with turmeric. Besides fish, papeda can also be served with ganemo, a stir fry melinjo leaves, and papaya flower buds with chili.

  • Kue Lontar (Lontar Cake)

Lontar cake is a local confection you can try in Fakfak, shaped similar to cheese tart or milk pie. According to history, this cake was introduced by the Dutch during their colonization time. Back then, it was called rontart. However, the locals had difficulties in pronouncing its name, so it was slowly changed into Lontar.

In the Fakfak Regency, lontar cake is made using big pie molds. However, if you want to take lontar cake home, you can also find it in small sizes.

  • Sate Rusa (Deer Satay)

In another place, deer are considered protected animals. In Fakfak Regency, deer are in abundance, so the locals are free to hunt and eat the meat. Sate Rusa or skewered deer meat is one of the local foods you have to try when visiting Fakfak. Not only satay, but you can also find other processed food made from deer, such as deer floss and deer jerky. They are popular as souvenirs.

Deer satay is commonly served with sweet soy sauce, sliced shallots, chopped chili, and topped with fried shallots to complete it. The soft and tender deer meat is marinated in local spices before being grilled on the charcoal. You can easily find this delicacy in street vendors, and they start to open from the afternoon until late at night.

Those are several delicacies and local foods from Fakfak, West Papua that you have to try when visiting Fakfak. To find other recommended food or culinary places in West Papua, you can visit this link.