Fishing in West Papua: Rich and Calming Experience


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The Rich Biodiversity Of Its Water Makes West Papua A Cool Fishing Place For People Who Enjoy This Activity. There Are Some Spots That Are Highly Recommended.

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There are various recreational activities that you can do in West Papua. Most people visit the region to enjoy a peaceful day by the beach or see its vibrant culture. However, further exploration will introduce you to other fun activities there. Fishing is a highly recommended activity for those seeking a rich experience.

Fishing Hotspots in the Area

The region offers many interesting fishing hotspots for people who enjoy this activity. Here are some of the best spots according to past visitors:

  • Biak Island×435.jpg

The island is a really nice spot for people who like fishing and want to explore novel ways. You will be able to see the traditional way of fishing by locals. They utilize the tide to help them catch fish. This traditional fishing activity is usually done in groups, making it very enjoyable to watch. There is even an annual festival for it.

For tourists, fishing in Biak will be a calming experience. The current is relatively slow most of the time. While waiting for the fish, you can do many activities like watching the coral reefs and even swimming. The most famous fish you can find on Biak Island is Snap Mor.

  • Kaimana

Another West Papua fishing gem is Kaimana. In this area, you will find many spots for fishing—both freshwater and saltwater. People can come to Kaimana all year long to fish, although the yield may vary depending on the season.

If you are interested in the Papua sea’s biodiversity, this is a great place to learn about it. Kaimana is a conservation area due to its rich biodiversity. You will be able to see sea creatures that are endemic to the island. Papua Black Bass is one of the most known native fish. The scenery of Kaimana is magnificent as well.

  • Fak Fak Sea

The sea is another renowned spot for fishing. Its tuna population is quite abundant, although some restrictions have been put in place to maintain the ecosystem. The current is quite strong in this area, so it will be a better fishing spot for people with more experience.

In addition to fishing, you can also do other activities in Fak Fak. There are many interesting places to visit, such as Kiti-kiti Waterfall and Toran Beach. Visiting this place would be a complete holiday package.

  • Mamberamo River

People often dub this river the Amazon of Papua due to its length and width. You can rent a boat to explore the river and fish there. The body of water is surrounded by green scenery that will pamper the eyes. It is better to have a guide around because of the crocodile population in Mamberamo.

The most unique thing about this West Papua river is related to a tribe that lives around the area, named Bauzi. Bauzi people have a unique tradition of hunting crocodiles in the river. You will be able to witness the fishing activity. 

  • Digul River

An aerial photo shows tankers on the river near Bade Port, Edera subdistrict, Mappi district, Papua province.
7°9’49.638″ S 139°35’57.432″ E

Digul is another big river on the island that will eventually lead to the Arafura Sea. The river is 546 kilometers long and surrounded by vegetation. Compared to Mamberamo, the river is narrower. It really enhances the experience of being enclosed by the greenery.

There are many interesting fish that you will find in Digul River; one of them is glassfish. Children who live near the river are experienced in fishing from a young age. You will be amazed at how skillful these tribal children are in navigating their fishing equipment.

Best Time for Fishing in West Papua

Some fishing hotspots can be visited all year long. However, expert fishermen suggest that you visit between March and April or October and November. The best time is around the October and November season. During that time, you will see more diversity in the fish.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

Every trip requires thorough preparation, so you will have a great experience. Generally, you will need to prepare:

  • Tour Plan

It means the itinerary of your trip. When traveling to West Papua, you need to have a clear plan about where to go and how you will reach that destination. It is highly suggested to hire a local as a guide for safety and convenience purposes.

  • Fishing Equipment

The fishing equipment needs to be in perfect condition as well. The size of fish in this region is big, so you need to bring equipment that can handle this challenge. You need to check the equipment before departure as it will be difficult to fix broken parts on the island.

  • Health

Visitors need to take care of their health before visiting Papua. Malaria is one of the endemic diseases on the island. Thus, vaccination against it is very important. There are also medicines that you can bring along for extra prevention.

Many people who have visited West Papua for fishing tend to sing praises for the great experience that it offers. Visitors need to be prepared for the trip to make sure that they will encounter little to no hitch.