Gallivanting the Province, Visit 3 Best Restaurants in West Papua

Best Restaurants in West Papua

Best Restaurants in West Papua

Talking about food, there is a province that offers plenty of varieties of regional and Indonesian delicacies called West Papua. If you are having a trip to this province, it will not be completed without going to the best restaurants in West Papua!

Well, West Papua, the province on the easternmost island of Indonesia, not only possesses a bountiful supply of stunning sceneries. The place houses a multiracial society comprising more than 300 native tribes with distinctive cultures, values, practices, and food.

Not only known as a captivating and reputable tourism destination with diverse cultures, but the province is also famous for having many delicious and unique culinary.

The province has many food stalls and restaurants that serve delicious traditional Papuan and Indonesian food, such as yellow fish soup or Papeda. As a foodie who loves traveling, you have to go out and try these restaurants! If you do not know where to find such restaurants, read some of our recommendations for you.

3 Best Restaurants in West Papua Province

When visiting West Papua, you should try some recommended restaurants! Here is the complete list of them:

1. Kitong Papua Resto, the Best Seafood Restaurant

Kitong Papua Resto is located near the Domine Eduard Osok airport, specifically on A. Yani Klademak 1 street, number 12, Perumahan Perikanan, Sorong. The place provides cozy and spacious outdoor and indoor seating areas. If you’re planning to go there in the morning to afternoon, we suggest you dine in its indoor space because it has an air conditioner.

The restaurant is known to serve the best local seafood dishes. The famous dishes are crab and snapper in delicious sauces and yellow fish soup.

You can also try Papeda here (a traditional Papuan dish made of Sago). It is open from 9 am to 10 pm with prices ranging from IDR 20,000 to 140,000 (around 10$ USD). The place really has many menus served with fresh vegetables, so it is also an excellent restaurant for vegetarians!

2. Misool Filling Station, the Best Cafe, and Boutique

One of the best restaurants in West Papua is Misool Filling Station. The place is located across the Domine Eduard Osok airport, only 300 meters distance or 4 minute’s walk, on Basuki Rahmat Street, Number 8, Malaingkedi, Sorong.

This cafe provides two seating areas: an outdoor space on the first floor and a lounge on the second floor. The place is so homey. It is perfect to have a short relaxing break before your flight.

This is the best cafe to try various coffee, tea, mocktail, smoothie drinks, and vegetarian snacks. It is open from 7 am to 7 pm, except for Sunday. The price is very affordable, starting from IDR 25,000 or USD 2.

They also provided fast Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the place has a boutique where you can buy souvenirs such as sarongs, essential dive equipment, or books.

3. Marina Star Cafe & Resto, the Best Asian and Indonesian Cuisines

Marina Star Cafe & Resto is a great place to enjoy Asian and Indonesian cuisines, especially seafood, while witnessing a beautiful sunset. The site is located near the Pelabuhan Perikanan, on Pelabuhan Perikanan Kampung Baru Street, Sorong. As the location implies, it is a restaurant that floats above the harbor.

The place has a modern and simple design. It provides four seating areas: an outdoor area near the wharf, an indoor space on the second floor, and two semi-outdoor areas on each floor. The recommended dishes are Banana Shrimp and Lobster. In addition, the restaurant’s soups are a must to try! The price ranges from IDR 15,000 (drinks) to IDR 330,000 (seafood).

Those are the three best restaurants in West Papua that you have to try while visiting the province. These restaurants serve varieties of tasty traditional Papuan food and Indonesian food, especially seafood dishes!