The Geographical Condition of Raja Ampat, West Papua

West Papua
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Do you think you know about Raja Ampat, West Papua? If no, this article will give you the basic information that you need to know. If yes, you might as well reread this to refresh your knowledge. These islands are Papuan’s pride, a hidden paradise with rich biodiversity. Let’s start from how Raja Ampat was named.

West Papua
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Brief History

Sorong City was formed during the time when the Tidore Kingdom expanded their territory. The Tidore Sultan then appointed 4 kings called “Raja Ampat” or “Kalano Muraha”. Each kings governed their own islands in the area, which is Waigeo, Salawati, Waigama and Misool. That’s how the name for the archipelago was created.

From that brief history, we can see that Papua and West Papua has always been connected to other regions of Indonesia. It can also be seen that the slogan “Unity in Diversity” is reflected in their society, especially in Raja Ampat. 


The Raja Ampat regency in West Papua has 630 little islands with 4 main islands. Apart from those 4 islands that was mentioned before, the little island has an equally important role in the archipelago’s wildlife ecosystem. The northern most part of this Regency lies Fani Island, it is directly beside the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of Palau’s border.

The west area is bordered by Halmahera regency of North Maluku. The East area is bordered by Sorong City. Finally, the South area is bordered with North Seram, Maluku. The Raja Ampat regency has a territory of 67.379,6 square kilometers, and it is dominated by 89% of ocean area. The capital is Waisai, the largest area is West Waigeo district and the smallest is Tiplol Mayalibit district.


As mentioned before, the area of Raja Ampat is dominated with 89% of ocean area. This makes the main transportation is by sea, using boats. To enter this regency, you must first visit Sorong. From there, you can go to Waisai using a speedboat. The speedboats are available every day, regularly.

Apart from using boats, another option is to fly. Up until now, there is a flight available once a week from Sorong. However, once you get to Waisai, the only way to get around the islands is by using local boat services.


West Papua is known for its beautiful nature. Of course, many of us probably put this archipelago on our travel bucket list because of this reason. To preserve that appeal, the government had established a conservation area. The name is “Suaka Alam Perairan Kepulauan Raja Ampat dan Laut di Sekitarnya” with an area of 60.000 hectares.

The conservation targets two main aspects, natural resources and Socio-Cultural and Economic. The first aspect is focused on maintaining fish recourses, and creating a sustainable coral reef environment. Meanwhile, the second aspect is focused on making the conservation area as a source of livelihood and supports community welfare.


The climate condition in West Papua is tropical, making an average temperature of 27,2 degrees Celsius. The beautiful scenery, nature and sea makes a selling point that we must preserve for futures to come. As a lot of reviewers would say, the underwater life is absolutely stunning. There are colorful coral reefs and fishes makes snorkeling and diving a highly recommended activity.

Besides, the people are warm and welcoming. You can admire their culture, and purchase handmade souvenirs as well. Raja Ampat is not only about nature, but also the culture and the indigenous people in it.

After reading about the conditions of Raja Ampat, West Papua from its geography to tourism, you might find yourself interested in visiting it. Do give it a try, explore to fulfill your curiosity and adventurous side.