Get To Know the Traditional Clothes In West Papua

Get To Know the Traditional Clothes In West Papua

If you think Papuan traditional clothes are only Koteka, you are wrong. There are various kinds of traditional Papuan clothes used by homeowners. Traditional clothing is still acceptable even though the times are increasingly modern. Local people are still used to everyday life. Are you curious about the kinds of traditional clothes in West Papua? Check the information here!

List of Papuan Traditional Clothing That You Need To Know

1. Koteka or Holim

The first most popular traditional dress is the Koteka. These traditional clothes are traditional clothes for quirky men. The primary function of this shirt is to cover the male part. But when wearing this outfit, the rest of the body still looks naked. This outfit is unique and attracts numerous tourists who come to Papua.

Since these clothes are made from the skin of a water gourd, the seeds and flesh of the fruit are removed. Usually, the water pumpkin used is an old fruit. It makes the texture more intricate and more durable after drying. After drying, the Koteka West Papua cloth is shaped like a sleeve that can point upwards. In addition, these clothes will also represent the position of men traditionally.

2. Tassel Skirt

Next, there is the Tassel Skirt made of dried sago leaves. These leaves will arrange neatly in the form of a skirt. After becoming a tassel skirt, this outfit will use as a cover for the lower part of the body. The dress is usually worn by women, but men can wear it too. Several ethnic groups still wear tassel skirts, such as Nafri, Yapen, Biak Numfor, Sentani, etc.

3. Grass Cloth Dress

This outfit is one of the traditional clothes that has gotten a modern touch. It comes from the present West Papua tribe, namely South Sorong. This outfit is flexible because both men and women can use it. As the name suggests, this shirt has a natural base material, namely sago leaf shoots that have gone through a drying process. It is made from dried sago leaves. Then weave it together with the long wood.

4. Yokal Traditional Clothing

Get To Know the Traditional Clothes In West Papua

These clothes are worn by women to represent they are married. The hallmark of this traditional dress is the reddish-brown color that can only be found in the interior of Papua. In addition, these clothes can be used by local people for daily activities or during cultural festivals. The uniqueness of this dress is still used to attend special traditional events, etc.

When using this shirt, you must complete it with many distinctive accessories. Among them are head tassels, dog teeth, pig fangs, and noken bags. However, as the times progressed, most married West Papuan people did not wear these clothes. They only use modern skirts purchased at the clothing store.

Overall, Papua does have a unique culture. It can be seen from the traditional clothes that are drawn. All these traditional clothes are still beneficial in this modern era. The uniqueness of this traditional dress is often an attraction for tourists who come to Papua. Many local people sell traditional clothes as souvenirs.