Getting Closer with Klawalu Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park Attractions in West Papua

The Klawalu Sorong Mangrove Park, West Papua, is a destination that you can visit while in this province. This tourist park is a short 17-minute drive from Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong. You can do various activities in this tourist park. Then, what is the attraction of this mangrove park for visiting tourists? Find the answers here!

Tourist Attraction at Klawalu Sorong Mangrove

Sorong Mangrove Park is not just a conservation area. This tourist area offers a charming attraction for tourists who come. There are many spots that you can visit, such as the coast by boat, natural panoramas from the viewing tower, and colorful bridges. Plus, you can devote precious moments to the spots that have been provided.

One of the best additions to the facility is the bicycle path which is currently under construction. While in this location, tourists can also see various types of diverse plants. There are some plants that stand out the most, such as Rhizophora apiculata Blume, Sonneratia caseolaris (l.) engler, Terminalia catappa L., Rhizophora lamarckii Montr, and many more.

If you want to bring souvenirs before going home, tourists can buy creative economy products from West Papua at the available booths. There are many food creations available as souvenirs. You can find crackers made from sago, telang flower tea, and palm salt. There are also handicrafts made from the bark of the sago leaf in the form of tissue holders, displays, and flower vases.

Activities That You Can Do in Mangrove Forest

1. Enjoy the Beauty of the Mangrove Forest from the Lookout

You can see the view of the Klawalu Mangrove Forest Tourism Park in its entirety through the viewing tower. This is one of the facilities provided by the manager for visitors. Various types of mangroves make the air around this area feel calm, and this area is suitable for those of you who are looking for a self-healing place. As a result, you can have an outstanding and memorable experience.

2. Down the Colorful Bridge

You can not only enjoy the expanse of mangroves from the top of a high viewing tower. Visitors can enjoy the park’s beauty by walking along the colorful bridges. This mangrove forest area provides a variety of unique spots that deserve content on social media. You can find some typical West Papua spots, such as a pair of birds of paradise and colorful houses.

3. Stay Around the Mangrove Forest

For those who want to spend more time around the mangroves, there are accommodations that are ready to provide facilities for you. You can feel the sensation of spending the night in the mangrove forest area. The manager of this tourist park provides homestay facilities as many as eight units. The lodging package is complete with a food menu for the evening and cycling in the morning.

4. Learn About Mangroves

Taman Mangrove Klawalu Sorong, Taman Wisata Mangrove Pertama di Papua  Halaman all -

As a nature-based and educational tourist destination, the manager of the Klawalu Mangrove Forest Tourism Park provides education to tourists who come. Various information about the importance of the functions and benefits of mangrove forests in the ecosystem became the main topic of education. It provides significant benefits for visitors to take a vacation while learning about nature.

When else can you experience a fun and informative, educational tour? When you come here, you can understand that mangroves have many benefits for the environment. Information about the role of mangroves in West Papua will open your mind to care for the environment and support mangrove conservation.

In fact, mangroves can prevent seawater intrusion (shrinkage), prevent erosion and abrasion in coastal areas, as a natural deterrent or filter, and as a habitat or food source for various types of animals. Not only that, but mangrove forests also play a role in the formation of islands in the surrounding area and stabilize coastal regions.

5. Shop for Sorong Creative Economy Products

Not only pampering tourists with the natural beauty of their surroundings, but the mangrove area also offers a variety of creative economic products produced by the local Sorong community. You can use this as a souvenir to take to your hometown. There are many innovative products available as proof of visit on mangrove tourism.

Some of the products you can buy are food and handicrafts. Typical foods from West Papua are sago chips, palm salt, noken, telang flower tea, and many more. If you want to bring home a variety of handicrafts, choose items such as flower vases, tissue holders, and displays made from the bark of the sago leaf midrib.

So what are you waiting for? You can plan holidays and trips to Sorong. There are many attractions that you can see when visiting the Klawalu mangrove tourism area. The available interests include photo spots, viewing posts, lodging, bicycle tracks, water rides, and many more. For that reason, check out all the attractions and exciting activities in this mangrove area.



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