Getting Closer With Yos Sudarso Bay And The Potential Tourism in West Papua

Getting Closer With Yos Sudarso Bay And The Potential Tourism in West Papua

Yos Sudarso Bay is one of the destinations in West Papua known as Humboldt Bay. It is located in the western part of Indonesia’s border with Papua New Guinea. The name of this bay is used as a sign to commemorate Commodore Yos Sudarso for resisting colonialism. Besides being an icon, it turns out that this place has fantastic tourism potential. Here is the info!

Yos Sudarso Bay Attractions

According to historical records, this bay was explicitly built to commemorate the services of heroes who have died in the war. This monument was constructed for Commodore Yos Sudarso in the Dutch and Indonesian wars in 1962. To honor his services, this bay was made to commemorate his services. Besides being an icon to celebrate heroes, it turns out that there is tourism potential.

Yos Sudarso Bay has the potential to be an attractive natural destination for tourists. Some aspects that become the attraction of this place are monitoring, mangrove plants, protected forests, seabed, and animals. Not only that, but you can still find the charming charm of this one bay. It is because in Yos Sudarso bay, there is still one attraction in the form of Yotefa bay.

That is why many people around West Papua or the location tour as a bay in a bay. This uniqueness is what makes many people finally visit this tourist area. You’ll also find most of the Numbay people along the bay. Some of the villages you can find include Kayu Pulau, Tobati, Holte Kamp, Skow, Nafri, etc.

In addition to these unique places, you will also find exciting culture. It cannot be separated from the customs carried out by the people of Port Numbay. Various fascinating traditions include size art, inauguration procedures, carving art, tribal head family weddings, traditional houses, and funeral ceremonies. All the cultures around Yos Sudarso Bay are unique and have character.

Yos Sudarso Teluk Bay Festival

Yos Sudarso Bay is not unique in the form of stunning nature. In fact, this bay also has a characteristic with its customs and customs. It is also applied by the Jayapura government, which wants to preserve the local community’s culture permanently. One way to do this is by holding a festival every year. The Yos Sudarso Festival was held in Youtefa’s Enggros Sea Village.

In this tourist area of West Papua, some residents live above sea level, which is unique. It is one of the things that should not be missed for tourists visiting Papua. You will be treated to a variety of authentic and unique local cultural uniqueness. Plus, you can see the essence of the tour that floats on the sea.

This festival is so iconic for culture in Papua. It has been implemented since 2009 to showcase various customs, cultures, and arts typical of the people in the bay area. The most iconic thing about this Festival is that it is livened by traditional dances of indigenous tribes in the area on the shores of Yos Sudarso Bay.

Visitors can also see other arts such as flute drums, lemon nipis dance, and cultural parades of the archipelago. Interestingly, the Yos Sudarso Bay Festival was also enlivened by a Yosim Pancar dance competition, a hair weaving competition, and a betel nut arrangement competition. Furthermore, you can also find culinary, batik exhibitions, and an ancient Jayapura photo exhibition.

If you want something unique, the festival also presents an exhibition of products made by the residents of Enggros Village, Youtefa, West Papua. Everything in the festival represents the culture and arts in the Yos Sudarso Bay area. In addition, it also provides opportunities for the community through the exhibition of their creativity.

On the same occasion, the festival also provides an attraction that cannot be missed by local and international tourists. The uniqueness of culture in Indonesia has become an iconic thing. In addition to enjoying an exciting vacation time, it turns out that visitors can also get to know more about the culture that exists in Papua.

Tourism Potential in Yos Sudarso Bay

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Humboldt Bay is inhabited by the Port Numbay People with distinctive cultures and customs. You can find traditional houses, carvings, dances, procedures for the inauguration of the tribal chief’s family (Ondoafi), weddings, and funeral ceremonies. Yos Sudarso Bay is also rich in culture, one of the promising tourism potentials.

In addition, nature, which is very attractive to tourists, also attracts many visitors. It was followed by constructing a bridge in the middle of Yos Sudarso Bay. As a result, the community can now pass it (Red Bridge and Ringroad Bridge). The two bridges make the trip even shorter for the public and tourists visiting West Papua.

Overall, the tourism potential in Yos Sudarso is quite iconic. Visitors can find various kinds of culture and arts typical of the bay area. In addition, the surrounding natural attractions are no less interesting than other tourist sites in Papua. If you want a better experience, you can come to the Yos Sudarso Festival.