Govt Effort To Accelerate West Papua Infrastructure Development

Govt Effort To Accelerate West Papua Infrastructure Development

Papua is one of the islands in Indonesia that still adheres to the traditional way of life. Even its location in eastern Indonesia makes infrastructure development in West Papua less attention. For these reasons, the government is trying to do better results in the province. The following are some of the efforts made by the Indonesian government.

The Goal of Equitable Development in Papua

To decrease poverty, equitable infrastructure development, and the cost index in Indonesia, the government continues to affirm its commitment to building better infrastructure in Papua Province. That is why the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has taken several effective ways to build better infrastructure.

This step is taken in such a way as to create a better Indonesia. Developing infrastructure in West Papua cannot be separated from the President’s directive. All matters relating to the development of Papua are the government’s focus in building a more advanced Indonesia. That is why several funds were disbursed to support the development equity program.

The government has budgeted Rp 6.19 trillion for infrastructure development in Papua Province. The costs include Rp4.49 trillion for the construction of roads and bridges, Rp732.87 billion for the construction of water resources. Not only that but Rp683.03 billion was used for residential development and Rp288.35 billion for housing purposes.

Meanwhile, the funds designated for West Papua Province signifies IDR 3.75 trillion. It consists of Rp543.27 billion for water supply growth, Rp228.83 billion for residence development, and Rp2.66 trillion for road construction. Until now, the development progress for all infrastructure has reached 44.09 %.

Development in Papua

Reducing Inequality in West Papua by Accelerating Infrastructure Development  | WEST PAPUA NOW

The government hopes that this development can open up remote areas with better access. Plus, this will increase connectivity through land transportation, namely the Trans- Papua Road. As a result, adequate infrastructure will support and improve the welfare of the Papuan people. In addition, this will also provide an opportunity not to be left behind by other parts of Indonesia.

The construction of this infrastructure began with the 3,462 km Trans Papua Road project, which is nearing completion. Also, the blacktop road was built for 1,733 km to support easier access. Not to forget, the government has also created a 1,098 km long road on the Papuan border to make it easier for people living in the interior to reach the city center.

Apart from roads and settlements in West Papua, the government also supports capacity building or community skills. The ministry has built several educational facilities – 179 schools, one university and eight sports facilities. In addition, the government also provides construction service training with Papuan partners to make it more effective.

Finally, the government also provides opportunities for its people to improve the economy. It is done by rehabilitating the Wouma Market and 403 shophouses in Wamena. This government effort is carried out to improve the people’s economy affected by the conflict in the past. As a complement, the ministry also plans to build a Thumburuni market in Fakfak.

Overall, the government has tried to make various efforts so that Papua has adequate infrastructure. It is done to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment in Papua. Therefore, roads, housing, schools, markets, and sports facilities are the main focus of infrastructure distribution.