Grab These Tasteful 4 Papuan Typical Drinks on Your Foodie Trip!

Papuan Typical Drinks

Papuan Typical Drinks

Many travel dreamers put Papua island, especially Raja Ampat, on their list of future destinations. Papua indeed has what it takes to be a famous tourist destination: beautiful natural landscapes, unique cultures, and amicable people. Another notable characteristic of the place is its culinary delights, especially Papuan typical drinks

Many tourists like Papuan beverages for their sour flavor and health benefits. These good points attract every local and foreign visitor. If you are a culinary enthusiast who plans to step into the land of Papua, do not forget to try these traditional drinks from Papua!

 4 Papuan Typical Drinks for Your Trip

  1. Iced Coconut Water: Sweet and Sour

From the look of the drink, it is similar to most coconuts in Indonesia. However, there is a difference between them. Coconut water in Papua has a peculiar taste, a combination of sweet and sour. To enjoy the drink, people often add ice, lime, and brown sugar to the mix.

It is the perfect choice of drink in the middle of a hot day. You can find this drink quite easily on the island. A large number of places or restaurants on the roadside provide this on their menu. Apart from being refreshing and healthy, the drink is also very affordable for visitors. 

  1. Papua Swansrai

The main ingredient in making Papua Swansrai is fermented coconut water. Usually, they use the water from old coconuts. Different from the first drink, Papua Swansrai contains 30 percent of alcohol due to the long fermentation process. The drink also has a taste quite similar to alcohol in general so only adults can have a taste. Whether you are a light or heavy drinker, it is recommendable to eat some food before trying this drink. 

The drink is available in many food stalls or drink outlets in Papua at relatively affordable prices. One uniqueness about this drink lies in its serving. The people serve it using peeled coconut shells instead of a cup or glass. 

  1. Iced Matoa

As the name suggests, these Papuan typical drinks use matoa fruits as the base ingredient. Matoa fruits are original fruits from Indonesia that can be found in Papua. They have a clear color, sweet and sour flavor, and chewy texture similar to lychee or rambutan. In addition, the fruit is rich in vitamins A and C.

You will not get this drink on any other island. So, taking a sip of iced matoa is a must if you visit the land. This drink also has several additional ingredients such as jelly, palm sugar, and other fruits and spices. You can order an ice matoa in every restaurant available in the region. 

  1. Papuan Coffee: Wanema, Amungme, and Senang

Papua is famous for its Arabica and Robusta coffee in Indonesia. The island produces several coffee beans from its coffee plantations. The most famous ones are Wamena from Wamena, Amungme from Timika, and Senang from Sorong.

Each coffee has different flavor notes. Wamena coffee has a unique chocolate and floral taste with medium acidity. Amungme offers a full flavor of caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate with a long aftertaste. Meanwhile, the Senang coffee, being the only Robusta, has strong chocolate cocoa with a full coffee body.

These coffee drinks or beans can be found in every coffee shop in each region. Some tourists also buy the product as a gift or souvenir. For a bag of coffee beans, the price ranges from IDR 50,000 to 100,000 depending on the weight.

The list of drinks above is a must-try for every culinary enthusiast who wants to visit Papua island. Offering different tastes, Papuan typical drinks will complete your trip throughout the day.