Guide to West Papua Tourism Objects for Beginner


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There are so many West Papua tourism objects that might amuse you. Let’s see the recommendation here.


Longing for a tranquil and exciting holiday? Then, West Papua can be a good option! This island offers you various magnificent places to visit. Let’s see the West Papua tourism object you can put on your holiday list!


Bakaro Beach


Located in Sunshine, West Manokwari, Bakaro Beach is as beautiful as other beaches in the Raja Ampat archipelago. The sparkling white sand and clear seawater with a turquoise color are the reasons why this West Papua tourism object is extraordinary. Besides being a favorite place to watch the sunset, this beach can also be a perfect spot for fishing.


Even more exciting, you can bring the fish you caught to eat at the nearest stalls. If you are not an expert in fishing, you can still take a culinary tour at various food stalls around this West Papua tourism object. Fun, isn’t it?


Cendrawasih Bay National Park


Located in Cenderawasih Bay, approximately 5 hours from the West Papuan capital, Manokwari, Cenderawasih Bay National Park is known for its islands consisting of Mioswaar, Nusrowi, Roon, Rumberpon, and Yoop Islands. It is said that this marine National Park is the largest in Indonesia, with almost 90% of which is the ocean. Mangroves, tropical forests, and beautiful coral reefs are the main attractions of this tourist attraction in West Papua.


This destination is a paradise for divers because the variety of marine life that inhabits this national park is fantastic. Rare turtles, dolphins, sharks, and blue whales are also often found in the tourist waters of West Papua. Even more interesting, in the water, at Tanjung Mangguar, there is an underwater cave believed to be a relic of ancient times.


Framu Lake


Framu Lake is famous for its unpolluted water surface. The watercolor in this West Papua tourist destination is blue and transparent like a mirror where you can see your reflection on the water’s surface!


Located in Framu, Ayamaru, Maybrat Regency, the Frame Lake area is surrounded by lush trees that make the area on the shore feel cool. Spending a lot of time in tourist attractions in West Papua can be an option for relaxation, especially if you visit in the morning.


Besides Lake Frame, another lake that is no less beautiful in West Papua is Lake Kamakawalor, located in Lobo, Kaimana District, Kaimana Regency. This tourism object is one of the lakes with a natural phenomenon where the water can ebb and flow within eight years.


Mansinam Island


Although it doesn’t look like a group of islands in Raja Ampat, Mansinam Island is one of the islands that are quite important for the people of West Papua. Located in Teluk Doreh, 6 km from the capital city of West Papua, Manokwari, this tourist destination in West Papua is believed to be the beginning of the civilization of the people of West Papua.


This island also holds historical relics and the story of the formation of Christianity. You can see the statue of Jesus as the one in Rio De Janeiro.



Not only nature tourism, but West Papua tourism is also inseparable from its thick culture. That is why there are still many heritage sites preserved as a form of respect, including the Tapurarang Archeological Site. It sounds pretty scary to know that there are traces of blood from human and animal palms on the site’s rocks.


These traces are known to come from prehistoric times that have existed for hundreds of years. This historical tourism destination in West Papua, located in Kokas, Fak Fak, is surrounded by beautiful mangrove forests. This mangrove forest is also a habitat for various birds, from storks to birds of paradise. This tourist destination in West Papua is the perfect choice for those who like fauna photography.

Love Lake


Jayapura is one of the districts in Papua Province and is famous for its tourism. In Ebungfau District, Jayapura Regency, there is a lake with a unique shape; many travelers call it the lake of love (love lake). But by local people, the lake’s original name is Imfote Lake.


It is called the lake of love because the lake is heart-shaped when viewed from the hills surrounding the lake. Although the location is quite remote, many travelers visit here to enjoy the lake of love. Some young couples who are about to get married visit the lake of love to take pre-wedding photos.


For travelers who want to go to Telaga Cinta, they can use the water route, which can be reached by boat or speedboat from Yahim port, located behind Sentani Airport to Kawi port in Putali Village. Travelers will find dirt roads starting from Yoka village to Puay with winding and descending roads. However, the blue expanse of the blue lake and the dense forest of Abepura will be an encouragement to see the Love Lake.


For travelers who need lodging before going to Lake Cinta, they can stay in the Jaipuri area, which is only half an hour from Lake Cinta. Jayapura is indeed heaven on earth; even the beauty of Lake Cinta beats the heat of the sun when travelers visit there.


Rumberpon Island×330–58858f63fc1d12bc847c6cd50.jpg


Rumberpon Island is a beautiful island. This island has a beautiful beach too, namely Pasir Panjang Beach. This beach is not rocky and has a length of about 6,000 meters. The environment is relatively clean, the waves are not too big, and the air is cool. We can do various activities here, such as water skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, swimming, and fishing.


The seawater around the island is quite clear, and world-class reef flats fill most of the island. There are many types of animals on this island, such as sea eagles, cuscus, and deer. And in the mangrove and seagrass areas, we are also easy to find sea turtles and dugongs.


Rumberpon Island is located in the northern part of Teluk Wondama Regency, bordering Manokwari Regency, West Papua. We can go through Manokwari Regency by boat to reach this tourist attraction, which is approximately 6 hours drive.


Now you know where to go when you have a chance to visit West Papua. The West Papua tourism object is a good stress-reliever to amuse and inspire you.