Healthy Traditional Drinks From Papua and West Papua With Unique Taste

Besides Being Authentic And Tasty, These Healthy Traditional Drinks From Papua And West Papua Are Also Good For Your Body. Which One Do You Want To Try First?

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Apart from the exotic natural landscape and unique cultures, Papua and West Papua also have their traditional culinary, like most cities in Indonesia. If you are familiar with their papeda or sagu lempeng, you can also try their tempting traditional drinks or beverages.

Papuan’s drinks have their own characteristics, starting from healthy refreshments, alcoholic to delicious Papuan coffee. So, if you want to take a sip, here is the list of healthy traditional drinks from Papua and West Papua with sensational taste.


Teh Sarang Semut×380.jpg

Teh sarang semut is anthill tea in English. Sarang semut itself is an original plant from Papua that can be symbiotic with ants and live between rocks. Teh sarang semut is a unique herbal drink and has a lot of benefits. Some contained nutrition are flavonoid and polyphenol, which are very good for your body.

This tea can lower the risk of cancer, heart problem, kidney, diabetes, and stroke. You can buy this healthy drink in many Papua and West Papua stores for yourself or your loved ones as gifts. The price for a box of teh sarang semut is quite affordable.



Another healthy traditional drink from Papua and West Papua is swansrai. This beverage is made from fermented coconut water. To produce swansrai, the fermentation process takes a long time. That’s why this drink contains alcohol. 

Compared to other alcoholic drinks from other regions in Indonesia, swansrai has a high level of booze. The alcohol level reaches 30 percent and can be higher if the fermentation is longer. That’s why, make sure you don’t drink them a lot. Swansrai is usually served using coconut shell. Exotic, right?


Sunset Papua

Besides having a beautiful name, this drink tastes so dainty and refreshing. Sunset Papua is very popular in Papua and West Papua because of its heavenly taste. The name is chosen because the color of this drink is similar to the color of the sunsets.

Sunset Papua is a blend of orange juice on the bottom and carrot juice on top. With the combination of two healthy fruit and vegetable, you will surely feel revitalized after drinking it. Sunset Papua contains high vitamin C and vitamin A. You don’t have to add sugar because the taste is already sweet.


Matoa Ice×380.jpg

Trying matoa ice while visiting Cendrawasih Island is a must. You won’t find this energizing and tasty drink in other cities. According to its name, matoa ice uses matoa fruits, which are special fruits from Papua, and tastes reviving. Matoa is perfect to accompany your hot day.

Besides being filled with matoa fruits, this beverage also contains sugar palm fruit, sliced jelly, and several kinds of fruits. If you are interested in trying one, you can easily find it in almost every cafes or restaurant in town. The price for a glass of matoa ice is pretty cheap as well.


Sweet and Vinegary Young Coconut Ice×380.jpg

You surely don’t want to miss the next healthy traditional drink from Papua and West Papua, sweet and vinegary young coconut ice. This Papuan sweet and vinegary young coconut ice has extra addition, making it different from other common coconut ice. This drink has extra lemon juice. 

That is why, besides being sweet, you can also taste a sour and refreshing sensation at the same time. When visiting Papua, you can easily see locals selling this drink on the roadside and in many food stalls. This drink is not only tasty but also healthy. Young coconut water contains high electrolytes, potassium, and low sodium. 


Wamena Arabica Coffee×380.jpg

If you are coffee lovers, then Papua and West Papua are the perfect places to visit. Papua is known as one of the largest coffee planters in Indonesia, and Wamena is among some regions in Papua and West Papua that grow special-tasted coffee.

Wamena Arabica coffee has a soft taste and strong floral flavor. Many coffee shops in Papua will offer this menu. Besides trying this coffee in its mother region, you can also grab some of these coffees for gifts. Even though this coffee is a little pricey, you will be awed by its sensational delight of it.



Once you’ve tasted Wamena Arabica coffee, next you should go to Timika because they have their special coffee as well called amungme. Same as Wamena Arabica coffee, amungme is popular in Papua. Amungme might make you addicted, especially for coffee lovers. 

Amungme is basically made from Arabica beans. The taste has its own characteristic. During PON XX this year, these coffees become rare items because many athletes, officials, and other spectators who visit Timika buy up these coffees. They even sought until to the production place in Amungme coffee office in PT Freeport Indonesia basecamp, located near Mozes Kilangin airport.

All those healthy traditional drinks from Papua and West Papua are tempting, right? They are not only delicious but also healthy. As for the teas and coffees, they will be perfect gifts for your family or friends back home