Here are Inspiring People of West Papua with Great Contribution to Indonesia

West Papua

Indonesia has numerous figures who have contributed much to the whole nation, and they come from various regions of the country. West Papua is one of the regions where plenty of people have great achievement in their fields respectively, such as politics, science, music and many more. The following is a list of inspiring people of West Papua that you should know. 


West Papua

There are many West Papuans who have become successful athletes and have contributed a lot to the country’s sports world. Some of which have even competed in international sports events. The following athletes are proof. 

Raema Lisa Rumbewas 

Born in Biak 40 years ago, Raema Lisa Rumbewas is indeed destined to have come from a family leading in West Papua’s weightlifting sport. She has competed to gain her country’s reputation in many international sports events like Sydney Olympic (2000), Athena Olympic (2004), as well as Beijing Olympic (2008). She earned silver medals from the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athena.  

Billy Ramandey

Horseback riding as a sport is not as popular as football in Indonesia, but Billy Ramandey has gained the sport’s fame by becoming the first West Papua’s equestrian athlete. He won his game at Cinta Indonesia Open Championship back in 2016 in Banten Province. Another interesting fact about him is that he began competing as a pro when he was still an 11th grader at school! 

Christian Warobay

As a soccer player, 36-year-old Christian Warobay does not only bring fame to West Papua but also Indonesia. The professional player for Sriwijaya FC was awarded the best player of Indonesian League 2005 and participated as a national team player for SEA games in the same year. 


West Papua

Just like in the world of sport, there are other inspiring people of West Papua from the showbiz world. Below are the most famous ones. 

Edo Kondologit

Eastern part of Indonesia has always offered many people with amazing singing talent. Edo Kondologit is one of them. He started his career on singing by becoming a Christian gospel singer. Having been famous for several songs about unity and peace, Edo eventually turns to a “singing gem” in the country. 

Ari Sihasale 

As a Papuan-Moluccan singer and actor, Ari Sihasale has earned his fame and fortune for at least three decades. The actor with real name Juharson Estrella Sihasale played some roles in Indonesian movies like Garuda di Dadaku and Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan. Furthermore, partnering with his wife Nia Zulkarnaen, he has now become a quite successful filmmaker that has produced several Papua-based movies. 

Science & Education

West Papua

West Papua also generates people with great science and education backgrounds. Some of which are listed below. 

Marlina Flassy 

Graduated from Cenderawasih University, Marlina Flassy has achieved her title as an anthropologist. Then, she extended her studies and social activities regarding women issues in Papua Island. As a result, she was awarded Golden Pin Award (Penghargaan Peniti Emas) back in 2015 by the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. The award she earned is for her huge contribution to Indonesian culture and women’s life in the country.

Hans Wospakrik

Contributing greatly to the science field including Mathematics methods, life phenomena and physic theories, Hans Wospakrik was a West Papuan physicist. His researches have also been published in several international journals like Journal of Mathematical Physics and Physical Review D.

Social & Politics

West Papua

Today, more Papuan people dedicate themselves to Indonesia’s social and political world. Some names are mentioned as follows. 

Armando Idorway

Working in Biro Perlengkapan Sekretariat Daerah Provinsi Papua Barat (Equipment Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of West Papua Province), a young man named Armando Idorway truly dedicates himself to the politics and social world. The 29-year-old man has inspired many of his colleagues and young people on the paradise island. 

Armando has also been actively involved in many organizations, promoting his ideas to encourage Papuan youth to participate better in the country’s development in many aspects. 

Balthasar Kambuaya

The former Minister of Environment for the cabinet of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Balthasar Kambuaya is also one of inspiring West Papuan people. Before serving as a minister, he had dedicated himself for education and served as a rector of Cenderawasih University since 2005. 

National Heroes

West Papua

Indonesian national heroes came from diverse cultural backgrounds. Some of the prominent ones are:

Machmud Singgirei Rumagesan

Born to a Papuan royal family on December 27, 1885, Machmud Singgirei Rumagesan was a king of Sekar area (now Fakfak, West Papua). He has then declared a national hero in 2020 due to his services in fighting against Dutch colonialism.

Frans Kaisiepo

Frans Kaisiepo turned out to be the man behind the name “Irian.” He suggested the name in Malino Conference, only a year after the Indonesian government announced West Papua as a part of the country. He also served as a governor of Papua Province between 1964 and 1973. His name was honored as a Biak’s airport’s name in Biak and on the most recent Rp10,000 bill.

Learning from some Papuan public figures above, it is important for all the people, especially those who live in West Papua, to get inspired and encouraged in developing the country.