Here are the 5 Favorite Tourist Destinations in Papua. Which one do you choose?


Talking about Papua is endless, especially regarding tourist attractions there. Many exotic destinations that you can go to, ranging from beaches, lakes, to diving with sharks. If you want to vacation in Papua near this, you should read this article until it runs out so you are not confused about which tour you choose.


Ok, the first list is Raja Ampat.

Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat, the charm of Raja Ampat beauty is already quite popular among tourists, both from Indonesia and abroad. Raja Ampat is an area consisting of small and large island groups that stretch very beautifully with its beauty. Raja Ampat area consists of four large islands, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and surrounding small islands. In addition to its beautiful island cluster, Raja Ampat also has a variety of marine life wealth that you can enjoy while diving. During the dive, you will be accompanied by about 1,511 species of fish and sea turtles.


The best time to dive here is in October and November. In these months the weather is good and the water is very clear, so visibility when diving is ideal.


But, for those of you who don’t want to dive, you can enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat in other ways. Yes, you can do trekking on every island. No need to be afraid of getting lost, because you can use the services of a guide. The guides in this tourist spot are local residents who work daily as fishermen.


The second is Biak Island.


Biak Island and Numfor Island are one unit that forms the Biak regency. This island located in the bay of Cenderawasih has many interesting places to visit. In North Biak, you can visit Amoi Village which is famous for its beautiful scenery.


In addition, there is also the Cenderawasih Museum which has many collections during World War II. When coming here, don’t forget to try the typical food in the Biak area, namely Singkong Marapen.


Other biak attractions that can be visited are Bird Park and Orchid Garden located in the Bosnik area. Here you can see a collection of birds and plants that are quite diverse and complete with information. Around the Biak area there are also many interesting tourist destinations, such as Bosnik beach and Wafsarak waterfall around the island of Biak.

The third list you can try to Cendrawasih Bay National Park


Do you like diving? Cendrawasih Bay National Park is perfect for you, because there you can dive with underwater flora and fauna that is very interesting. Yes, there are hundreds of species of mollusks and fish here. Not infrequently turtles, turtles, sharks, and dolphins also accompany you when diving. Not only enjoy the beauty of the underwater nature, here you can also explore the islands. You can go to Mioswaar Island, which is one of the islands in Papua tourist attractions that has a cave with a panad water source with sulfur content that is worth visiting.


Not only Mioswaar Island, there are also Yoop Island, Numfor Island, Nusrowi Island, and other islands that you should not miss to visit. Administratively, this tourist spot is located in two districts, namely Wondama and Nabire.


In addition to being enjoyed for diving and enjoying the beauty of each island, this national park is also commonly used as a center for whale shark research carried out by the government in collaboration with NGOs at home and abroad.


Then there is Lake Sentani.


One of the famous tourist destinations in Papua, Lake Sentani is the largest lake in Papua, Lake Sentani offers a charming beauty. In this area, there are at least 21 islands that decorate the lake with a height of 75 meters above sea level.


Here you can do various activities, such as swimming, fishing, culinary eating, to get around the lake by renting a boat that has been provided. Not only that, you can also visit and interact directly with the surrounding residents.


Last but not least, you can travel to Base-G Beach


This beach has amazing views. Still rarely visited by tourists, this beach offers a splash of melodious beach waves and is not too big. In addition, the clean sand that stretches on this beach makes you want the photos to continue.


So, make your travel choices now!


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