Here Are The Art and Papua Indonesia Culture

Papua Indonesia Culture

Papua Indonesia Culture

Papua Indonesia culture has long been known for its exotic and fascinating works of art. Even though its beauty has not yet reached global fame, it has touched many people domestically and internationally. It has specific patterns and shapes that signify the identity of Papua culture from other works of art.

This unique art from Papua will certainly give benefit the region itself. It will not just raise the fame and the value of Papua but also provide profit to the area and the tribe related to the arts. This will improve the appreciation of the art and raise the value of others, like tourism and fame. Now, let us learn more about the art of the Papuan people.

Papua Indonesia Culture’s Work of Arts

If you are talking about the arts of Papuan culture, then you will probably remember the Asmat Tribe. The Asmat people have lived in the land of Papua for decades. They scatter through many villages and many households. The Asmat tribe is known for its large family. Besides that, this tribe is also popular with their work of art in their livelihood tools.

● Popular Wood Craving

Their art is seen through the work of sculpture and carving. These people have been known for their finest quality wood carving. It is not a surprise that many people worldwide are collecting their work.

The wood carving of the Asmat tribe is not merely just a sculpture. Their work contains more profound and personal meanings than many people know. The wood carving activities are not just everyday livelihoods but also some spiritual activities that touch the core of their lives.

This could be why the Asmat sculptures are always mesmerizing to be seen—and celebrated and collected by many collectors worldwide.

● Designed for Ancestors

The wood parts of the Papua Indonesia culture of Asmat always symbolize the everyday life of their tribe, which are headhunting, warfare, and the depiction of the ancestors.

Those are because the tribe always has some tendency to please their ancestors. Therefore they make and design many things with detail and high-quality standards. Those are canoes, figures, drums, shields, and many more.

The wood carvers in today’s situations continue their work in the tribe. They are regarded highly by the tribe’s members. And also holds just a bit closer to the warriors of the tribe. That is also because the trees in Asmat culture are the source of life. Any connections to the trees, like wood carvers, are held highly.

● Fumeripits

The Asmat also believes in Fumeripits as the first that exist on Earth. They think that this Fumeripits is the one that creates their ceremonial house, first jeu.

It is said that Fumeripits grew tired of the loneliness and then decided to cut down trees from the wood and make carvings into human figures. The carving was then placed inside the jeu.

After that, he also made drums using wood and the skin of lizards. When it is done, he would play it until the figures come to live and accompany him. He is the first carver of the Asmat tribe and their hero.

Do You Like to Learn More about Papuan Culture?

Knowing and learning the art of the Papuan people will raise our knowledge of the traditional culture. Papua Indonesia culture has many forms and shapes of crafts that will mesmerize many people. If you want to love something, learning, and understanding it will be the right step to approach it. Then, people will grow their love for it naturally. That is also applied to this matter.

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