Here’s What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Papua and West Papua

There are some things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting Papua and West Papua, like being polite, taking an anti-Malaria drug, and not taking photos without permission.

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From the captivating Raja Ampat, the breathtakingly beautiful Baliem Valley, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Lorentz National Park, Papua, and West Papua are no doubt one of the most must-visited places on earth. 

Besides storing so many magnificent nature purists venture, Papua and West Papua are among many provinces in Indonesia that still maintain their cultural customs attentively. So if you put these provinces into your bucket list, this article will help your coming trip. Here are things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting Papua and West Papua.


Things You Should Do When Visiting Papua and West Papua

  • Be Polite and Respectful.

Remember that you are a guest at someone’s house. So being polite, respectful, and kind are your finest assets. You will meet many different customs and habits than yours. Yet, appreciating your host is very important. Small gestures like smiling, taking off your sunglasses when talking to locals, saying thank you, and apologizing are genuine manners. 

Some Papuan tribes are still wearing traditional clothes that might seem unique and vulgar to you. But showing any offending expression is, of course, insulting. Be welcome to their offers too. Locals might offer you their traditional food. Accepting the courtesy is showing your politeness.

  • Take Anti-Malaria Medication

The next item in the list of things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting Papua and West Papua is taking a drug to prevent Malaria. This eastern part of Indonesia is an area that is vulnerable to malaria mosquitoes. Other than taking anti-malaria medication, applying anti-mosquito lotion is also helpful.

You can visit the nearest doctor or the drug store and ask for an anti-malaria drug recommendation. Tell the doctor how long you will visit Papua and West Papua. This medication is usually taken one to two days before traveling. 

  • Trip Plan or Schedule

Papua and West Papua are exceptionally wide. What’s more is that this Island offers so many tourism spots you surely want to look in on, from beaches, valleys, diving sites, national parks, and more. Therefore, make a time-scheduled plan.

Browse and search for places you want to visit. Also, adjust those locations with how many days you will stay there. Decide which spots you wish to visit the most. By making a time-scheduled plan, you can also arrange the routes so you can save time as well. 

  • Be Prepared of Losing Phone Signal

There may be some areas with low network signals. It is because some regions are still lacking internet access. Roaming is also something you should be prepared for. 

However, the central government of Indonesia and local governments continue improving infrastructure in these provinces. So who knows, this issue will be old news the next time you visit.


Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Papua and West Papua

  • Going Out Late

Other things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting Papua and West Papua is going out late. Papuan people love to get heavily drunk. Usually, after 10 P.M., many local stores are closed, and the urban situation is quiet. So it is better to stay in a hotel or lodge before nine at night. 

Papua has a liquor party tradition. So seeing people get drunk in these provinces is something common. If you happen to meet drunken people on the street, it is better to distance.

  • Taking Pictures Without Permission

You will see so many unique and attractive sights in Papua and West Papua, especially when it comes to their culture. You will see Papuan people wearing their traditional clothes, stunning face decorations, and even weapons. But don’t just take a picture without asking permission first.

You can also be in one frame in some tourist spots with locals wearing their complete traditional clothes as long as you’ve got their approval. In exchange, you can give them money or candies.

  • Crashing Dogs or Pigs

People in Papua and West Papua consider pigs and dogs as valuable animals. They consider dogs part of their family because they have social character and are very loyal. For some ethnic groups, dogs are also considered as their protectors. Dogs can guard their garden, farm, and house.

As for pigs, Papuan people believe pigs symbolize wealth and power. Pigs are the main prerequisite in every wedding or banquet. Pigs are very precious dowry. If you hit these animals by chance, you must be prepared to repay millions of rupiahs.

We hope you find this article about things you should and shouldn’t do when visiting Papua and West Papua useful. Be a good and nice guest. Take care of nature as well by not littering. Your visit to Cendrawasih Island will be an unforgettable moment.