Here’s Your Ultimate Guide of Transportation to Raja Ampat

Transportation to Raja Ampat

Transportation to Raja Ampat

As one of the easternmost provinces in Indonesia, getting to Raja Ampat is challenging. Transportation to Raja Ampat takes several hours to travel from a number of departure points from Java Island and its surroundings to get right to the spot.

In addition, there are a number of modes of transportation that must be used. To be more precise, see the complete guide and how to get to Raja Ampat below. Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Raja Ampat’s Transportation!

A Brief Guide of Transportation to Raja Ampat

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Raja Ampat? Diving and snorkeling, stunning islets, or faraway and expensive vacations? Well, all of that is synonymous with Raja Ampat.

However, these tourist destinations in West Papua must be included in your vacation destination at least once in a lifetime. If you intend to make it happen shortly, you should know the guidelines and how to get to Raja Ampat.

1. Heading to Sorong, West Papua

When transporting to Raja Ampat, the first destination is Sorong, West Papua. There are a number of ways to get to West Papua Province, by air or sea transportation. You can use an airplane for the fastest way, while other methods can use a ship.

By plane to Domine Eduark Osok Airport, Sorong, the trip can be reached in four hours at the fastest. Meanwhile, the journey can take between five and seven days by ship.

There are a number of airlines to choose from, starting from Sriwijaya Air, Nam Air, Lion Air, and Garuda Indonesia. Meanwhile, only Batik Air airlines from Lion Air Group and Garuda Indonesia currently serve flights from Jakarta to Sorong, West Papua. Flight schedules can be viewed directly on the official websites of each airline.

2. From The Airport to the Harbor of Sorong

Upon arrival in Sorong, you must continue transportation to Raja Ampat. Travel can be done in two ways: transport to Raja Ampat by ferry or plane. If you choose to use an airplane, the airlines that serve flights are Susi Air and Wings Air.

Flights can be made directly from Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, to Marinda Raja Ampat Airport. Meanwhile, ticket prices fluctuate, with purchases made directly at the ticket purchase counter at the airport. Flight schedules are also determined by several conditions, which result in no definite plan of departure by plane.

For more details, you can ask directly for information about flights to Raja Ampat from the airline’s operational office at the airport. If using a ferry, you must first travel to Sorong Port.

With a distance of about ten minutes from the airport to the port using a motorized vehicle, the options to choose from include using a yellow angkot with routes A and B or using a motorcycle taxi at a cost depending on the agreement with bargaining, or using a cab.

3. From Sorong Harbor to Raja Ampat

At Sorong Harbor, there is one way to transport to Raja Ampat by boat. However, there are two options for the type of ship to choose from, which are based on how quickly you get to Waisai Harbor, Raja Ampat, and the ticket price.

For those who arrive quickly with a ticket price that is slightly above average, you can choose a fast ferry. The fast ferry crossing schedule from Sorong to Waisai travels twice daily, at 9.00 WIT and 14.00 WIT, with services Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays, boats depart from Sorong to Waisai at 9.00 and 12.00. For slow ferries, it takes approximately four hours by sea. Meanwhile, the flight schedule is tentative.

4. Transportation in Raja Ampat

After arriving in Raja Ampat, you can go to the tourist destination you want by using a boat provided by residents. For round-trip boat charter services, the price set for one boat is relatively high. However, hefty rental fees can be tricked by sharing with other visitors heading to the same destination.

Interested in Visit Soon?

So, the information above is your ultimate guide to transportation to Raja Ampat. After knowing the directions and procedures for getting to Raja Ampat, are you interested in going on vacation there?