Hermus Indou: Early Life, Awards, and His Commitment to Manokwari

Hermus Indou

Hermus Indou is the Regent of Manokwari Regency for the years 2021-2026, replacing Edi Budoyo, the Acting Regent. In this article, you will get information about his early life, career, award, and achievement.

Early Life

Hermus Indou was born in Manokwari on August 15, 1976. He married Febelina Wondiwoy and has three children.

Hermus Indou spent his childhood in Minyambouw. In his childhood, he was a boy suffering from stunting in the interior of Minyambouw, Arfak Mountains. Luckily he got help from health workers at the nutrition house.

Like a ray of light during darkness, Hermus Indou emerged from a nightmare of chronic malnutrition.

Then, Hermus Indou grew and developed into an educated adult man until he was entrusted with being a leader in the Manokwari Regency.


His education began at SD YPPGI Minyambouw, where he graduated in 1990, followed by SMP Negeri 1 Marware in 1993 and SMA Negeri 1 Manokwari in 1995.

He finished his undergraduate studies at STPMD Yogyakarta in 1999. Meanwhile, in 2006, he graduated from Hasanuddin University Makassar with a postgraduate degree.

Career Journey

Hermus Indou worked as a civil servant for the West Papua Provincial Government and the Manokwari Regency Government before becoming the Regent of Manokwari.

Hermos Indou was also the Chairperson of the Regional Management Committee for the Indonesian Youth National Committee for West Papua Province from 2008-2016.

Award and Achievements

The Institute of Domestic Administration presented him with the Astha Bratha Honorary Star in 2014. Additionally, the Indonesian government awarded him the 10-year Loyalty Medal in 2016.

Meanwhile, in 2022, the Alumni Corps of the Islamic Student Association (KAHMI) of Manokwari Regency presented an award to Hermus Indou, the regent of Manokwari, for regional and agricultural development achievements.

The coordinator of the KAHMI Manokwari Presidium, Purwanto, stated that Hermus had made significant development progress in suburban and village areas as well as in the agricultural sector.

Nutrition Improvement Program for Stunted Children

Hermus Indou

Posyandu (integrated service post) Bougenville Sowi III is a role model in reducing child stunting in Manokwari. The Regent Hermus Indou and the Chairperson of the TP PKK of Manokwari Regency, Febelina Indou, launched this Posyandu as the first nutrition house in Manokwari.

Regent Hermus Indou admitted that he was quite sad to see the high stunting rate for children in Manokwari. He considered this figure to show the level of poverty in Manokwari.

Hermus Indou said that from the data reported, there were 1418 stunted children, which was the largest in West Papua. Stunting reflects that the quality of government in Manokwari is still far behind other districts and cities. This illustrates that poverty in West Papua, especially in Manokwari, is still quite high.

He added that proper handling of stunting could eradicate extreme poverty in Manokwari. For this reason, a stunting handling task force team is needed at the sub-district to village levels to overcome stunting in the regions.

Indou also added the treatment target is for 3 months and is carried out optimally. After 3 months, there must be an evaluation. After 3 months, there must be an evaluation.

This nutrition house has a very good impact on reducing stunting rates in children. The decline also looks very significant. In addition, the community also really appreciates this program. Many parents of stunted children feel helped by this program. This program helps meet the nutritional needs of children very well.

Apart from that, Hermus Indou is also committed to developing the Manokwari Regency. One aspect of development that is visible is the aspect of governance. Since Manokwari was designated as the center of government, there have been several regional divisions from Manokwari. Thus, the sociocultural, educational, and health aspects also develop.