Profile of Herolena Beroperay, the Barbie from Papua

Herolena Beroperay

Social media is back in an uproar. Not long ago, Herolena Beroperay went viral on TikTok. She is a Papuan student who looks like a Barbie doll. How not? She has blonde hair and beautiful eyes.

Get to Know Herolena Beroperay, a Papuan Girl who Steals Attention

This woman, who is often called Lena, is an Albinism. This situation makes her have a different appearance from Papuan women in general.

Often mistaken for foreigners, here are some facts and biodata of Herolena Beroperay:

1. Beautiful and Smart Girl 

Herolena Beroperay has a Barbie-like appearance with fair skin and blonde hair. Lena is 22 years old and a student at the University of Papua.

Lena is the eldest of seven siblings. She majored in management at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Herolena excelled in academics and became chairman of the committee in the General Meeting of the Management Student Association.

She was also chosen as the Talented Miss of the Yapen Islands Regency in 2018. Apart from being beautiful, she is indeed very talented.

2. Similar Foreigners

Herolena’s naturally blonde hair and gray eyes make Lena look like a foreigner. However, both of Lena’s parents are native Papuans.

This first child of seven siblings said netizens only believed he was Papuan once he took out family photo evidence. This girl is very proud of her hometown.

3. As a TikToker

Herolena Beroperay is a Papuan TikToker with hundreds of thousands followers. One of her viral content is when she is in the garden tying her hair.

This straightforward content can attract public attention. The beautiful face is one of the reasons why the public is so stunned.

4. An Albino

Herolena was born with an albino condition. This condition makes her skin white due to a lack of melanin. It makes the pigments the body produces give skin and hair color white.

Albino is a rare condition that causes a person to lack or has no melanin. Melanin is a pigment produced by the body to determine the color of the skin, hair, and irises or irises of the eyes.

She looks more like a foreigner with gray eyes. Other family members also have a similar physical condition to her, not only from the mother’s side but also from the father’s side.

Herolena said that her biological mother and great-grandmother had the same physical characteristics.

However, in her father’s family, Lena’s father’s great-grandfather had physical characteristics like Europeans.

5. Selling Online While Studying

Being albino doesn’t make her feel inferior. This barbie from Papua is more confident and sharpens all the potential that is in her.

While studying, currently also doing business online as a side. By selling, she can get additional income.

6. Sounds Melodious

Not only is she beautiful, but Herolena also has a melodious voice.

Through her YouTube account, this albino girl shows her voice by singing various songs. As a native Papuan, Lena is very proud to sing native Papuan songs.

Lena’s voice is evident and harmonious, like a professional singer who has been in the music industry for a long time. Herolena’s appearance and ability in music amazed many people.

Some of the above are the profiles of Herolena, who are beautiful like barbie.

It turns out that she not only has a beautiful face, but Herolena Beroperay also has a myriad of proud achievements naturally if she succeeds in stealing the attention of netizens.