Highly Recommended! Visit Restaurant of Fast Food in West Plains

Fast Food in West Plains

Fast Food in West Plains

Papua is a region known for having prominent natural and cultural tourism. However, if you miss the modern atmosphere during your visit, you can eat at fast food in West Plains. Check the recommendations below!

What’s Your Choice?

There are various choices of fast food in the West Plains that can match your taste. A complete visit, isn’t it? Now that in Papua you can also have a culinary tour.

Bakso Pakde Bejo

You can find a bunch of people’s favourite food in Papua too! After eating the traditional one, meatballs also taste good since the broth is tasty and fresh.

This restaurant is located in Sorong which is popular among locals and tourists alike. Besides being easily accessible, the delicious taste and affordable prices are the main attractions for them.

The type of service here is by yourself because the manager thinks this will increase customer satisfaction. As a promotion method, there are also attractive offers, such as free meals for those who fast Monday-Thursday.

Vega and Capella Longue

You can find this restaurant at the inn near the airport. It is located in Sorong and is a favourite for visitors after spending time in Raja Ampat.

There are several enticing menus that you can choose here, such as Pizza, Seafood, Barbecue, Asian, and Indonesian. The delicacy of the food offered by this restaurant finally resulted in the ‘Travellers’ Choice 2022’ award.

If you want to dine with the upper middle level, you should visit this one. The prices range from 75,000-200,000 IDR to get friendly service and the comfort of enjoying food through decoration.

There are the other dining rooms you can try namely Vega Star Restaurant and Sky Terrace. You only need to adjust what additional facilities you want to get since Vega and Capella rely on the pool bar as a concept.

Kitong Papua Resto

This restaurant is highlighting Papua’s abundant natural resources, namely seafood. However, for those of you who are vegetarians, there are plant-based menus that will whet your appetite.

The location is close to the main naval base, so you won’t have any trouble reaching it. Meanwhile, the prices offered are quite varied and comparable to what you should get.

The room arrangement is actually simple, but comfortable as if you were dining at home. You are strongly suggested to visit with a group and choose the outdoor section.

If you prefer to take it away, there is a free delivery service that covers up to 8 kilometres from the place.

Cinnamon Family Café

The next fast food in West Plains’ recommendation is located at Orchid Supermarket, Manokwari. The place is not very vast, but you will get a pleasant experience when you eat here.

With a fairly affordable price, the facilities provided are classified as okay. You won’t feel hot as the manager installs air conditioning and free Wi-Fi is a form of entertainment for you to enjoy the time.

You may be a bit confused when choosing the menu to order. For a nice first visit impression, you should definitely try the grilled ribs and es campur!

This cafe operates daily and the schedule is suitable to cater for lunch and dinner needs. Do you want to enjoy food without leaving your home or inn? Delivery services through WhatsApp application are ready for you to rely on!

Culinary Tour in Papua

Culinary tour in Papua, because why not? Fast food in West Plain has interesting recommendations to try and different concepts of not being junk. Some of the lists mentioned seem to be something unique to the area, but you can also find more common options easily, such as franchised fried chicken manufacturers from abroad.