Home Affairs Reveal Papua Map’s Development of 3 New Papuan Provinces

West Papua
Source : Liputan 6

The DPR recently approved the Draft Law (RUU) on the new autonomous region (DOB) of Papua Province. Three new provinces will be created at the plenary meeting due to the Papua Map split. It implies that Indonesia will have 37 provinces when these three policies.

Home Affairs Reveal Papua Map's Development of 3 New Papuan Provinces
Source : Liputan 6

A Brief Background Introduction

According to Benny Irwan, the head of the Information Center (Kapuspen) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), the government has produced an initial development road map for the three new provinces.

As a result, Benny explained, “in the early phases, with the bill passing yesterday, we will wait first when the legislation is proclaimed by the government so that it becomes a permanent legal foundation. At least based on the regulations, it can’t be more than one month after the bill is approved.”

The government will collectively plan for development when the bill is passed. According to Benny, “this broadly refers to things like infrastructure and people resources.”

The Papua Map’s Stage of Development

Establishing its administration, including regional leaders, rules, and assistant regional heads like the State Civil Apparatus, is the initial stage of growth (ASN). According to Benny, the development of the physical infrastructure is equally crucial. 

The in-issue infrastructure is the establishment of public service facilities capable of facilitating the execution of administrative tasks by the government.

Consequently, in addition to the staff members that manage the government, Benny explained, “we need to ensure how the office is, how to operate the office, car facilities, and other infrastructure.” 

After all of those above are established, the government will carry out the monitoring and assessment stage till the end. When it came to the budget, Benny was unable to provide an accurate cost for its preparation.

He clarified that the relevant Ministries and Institutions were currently attentively and thoroughly debating this issue. Rahayu Puspitasari, the director of the Ministry of Finance’s (Kemenkeu) Bureau of Communications and Information Services, made a similar statement.

According to his party, the Ministry of Finance was working with other Ministries and Institutions to develop the necessary budget. He said it would be granted in line with the new provincial apparatus’s stages of Papua map’s development, adding that the budget’s amount is still up for discussion.

What Indonesia President, Joko Widodo, Said?

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has signed a law (UU) related to three New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua. Following this, the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) made a mini APBD for the three new autonomous regions.

John Wampi Wetipo, deputy home affairs minister, said the three new autonomous regions would employ the tiny APBD until their inauguration in December 2022. After that, the acting governor will rearrange the APBD for the three new autonomous regions.

“We also form a mini APBD to deliver time, let’s say from today to December. Later the Acting Officer will prepare the main APBD for 2023,” Wempi told reporters on the National Preparedness Declaration held by BNPT in Central Jakarta.

“We hope that there will be (the Acting Governor of DOB) before December. We had a roadshow yesterday on the 27th in Wamena. Then on the 28th in Merauke. We hope our trip to see would like an earlier mapping,” said Wempi.

So that later the three Papuans already have government offices and work equipment before this Papua map‘s upcoming 2024 governor election.

“So the governor’s officials are appointed, the office is already there. Then the instruments are formed and the offices are also there. For them to be able to work in a two-year transition period, there is no definitive governor election based on the election results,” he said.

Recent Progress of Papua Map’s Development

Previously, Jokowi had signed a law (UU) on forming three new provinces in Papua. The three new provinces in Papua are South Papua, Central Papua, and Papua Mountains.

The law was signed by Law Number 14 of 2022 concerning establishing the Province of South Papua. Law Number 15 of 2022 concerning the Establishment of the Province of Central Papua. And Law Number 16 of 2022 concerning establishing the Province of Papua Mountains. Jokowi signed these three laws on July 25, 2022.

“That the division of territory in Papua map Province needs to pay attention to the aspirations of the Papuan people. It is to accelerate equitable development, improve public services, and improve community welfare.

Also, raising the dignity of the Indigenous Papuans, especially in Merauke Regency, Boven Digoel Regency, Mappi Regency, and Asmat Regency,” that’s the sound of the considerations of the three laws.