Mining in West Papua Made Police Aid for Illegal Mining Task Force

Illegal Mining in West Papua Made Police Aid for Task Force
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Tornagogo Sihombing, the chief inspector general of the West Papua Regional Police, favors establishing a task force to deal with the region’s illegal gold mining in West Papua.

He said enforcing laws against illicit gold mining in West Papua will not end the issue. Instead, the government, law enforcement, and local cultural organizations must work together to take action.

Illegal Mining in West Papua Made Police Aid for Task Force
Sumber: Flickr

Tornagogo stated in Manokwari Friday, “So the solution to the problem of illicit mining in W is not just in the element of law enforcement but how we can regulate the activity through a task force that will soon be constituted.”

He said that the investigative team of the West Papua Police’s Special Criminal Investigation Directorate is now compiling a list of business owners or bosses that hire gold miners.

In terms of law enforcement against those involved in illicit gold mining, there is no “selective cutting” in this region, according to Tornagogo.

Complete Guide on Mining in West Papua

Getting a mining license is lengthy in Indonesia, especially in West Papua. Here, we’ll simplify it so you can read through it more slowly. The top resource for mining in West Papua permits below:

  • Make that the company is engaged in mining activities other than oil or gas.
  • It is up to the business to decide whether the action is fundamental or not.
  • The miners were advised to run a PT PMA company and work closely with the country’s Investment Coordination Board.
  • Please acquire all necessary paperwork before applying for the license.
  • Select the type of license you require for mining operations (there are IUJP or Izin Usaha Jasa Pertambangan and SKT or Surat Keterangan Terdaftar).
  • Please confirm that you have completed the bidding procedure (this will determine if you have a right over the mining site).

Mining Regulations in West Papua

Every business in this region’s mining in West Papua operations must abide by the government’s regulations. The Mining Law, Law on Mineral and Coal Mining Number 4 of 2009, governs the mining sector. All of those laws now serve as the standard for mining businesses. All firms should learn and fully comprehend the rule to avoid problems in the future.

The legislation serves as a management foundation. Additionally, it will regulate the sector so the government can reduce risks and damage to natural disasters. One of the primary reasons the government passed this regulation is to preserve the national interest. Mining minerals is a non-renewable resource.

Keep in mind that this legislation also controls the mining company’s export operations. Before exporting the minerals to the other nation, the businesses must ensure that they are of a certain degree of purity. The minerals have a significant impact on the export of minerals. Finally, the government has a more user-friendly regulations for businesses. Under some conditions, exporting raw minerals is remain.

Although mining in West Papua is now a common industry, rigorous rules are still in place to safeguard the country’s interests. All Indonesians should be concerned about this and keep an eye on the mining site with the government since it is a national treasure.