Administering Smart Indonesia Card for West Papua Children

West Papua
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In the 1945 Constitution, one of the purposes of Indonesia was to ensure universal access to education for all people. Consequently, the Indonesian government continues to improve to provide a fair education for Indonesian children, particularly the next generation of nations in Papua dan West Papua.

The authorities announced the smart Indonesia card as part of its educational programs (KIP). What is KIP, exactly? And how does the system function? What does the government provide through the KIP? Continue reading this article to learn more.

Smart Indonesia Card for West Papua Children

West Papua
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Education is one significant contributor to human dignity. Knowledge can raise a person’s level, both in the afterlife and in this world. Thus, learned people have a high status in society or with God.

Education allows a person to comprehend better and know what to do, and it will be a great asset in the future. So, to support the principles of teaching the nation’s future generation, the government has implemented some programs to ensure equal access for all children.

The KIP is one of the agendas in the KCP, or Kita Cinta Papua, program. This initiative is a follow-up to Presidential Instruction (Inpres) No. 9 of 2020 on Accelerating Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

Previously, this KCP was primarily designed for college or university students. KIP’s reach, on the other hand, is expanding. Therefore, the KIP goals range from elementary school kids to university students.

It is a card used as identification when receiving school aid payments. The grants are, of course, variable depending on the level of study.

The Realization of The Program

These grants are distributed with information for elementary school level Rp every year. 450 thousand, SMP Rp. 750 thousand, SMK or SMA Rp. 1 million. So that it is on target in disbursing education money and easing the distribution procedure. Thus KIP has been transformed into an ATM card.

Students born into low-income homes are eligible for smart Indonesia card support. As a result of this, it is intended that no more students will drop out of school due to financial constraints.

KIP was distributed to 253 Papuan and West Papuan students in 2020, while 355 students obtained this educational magic card in 2021. So far, approximately 608 smart Indonesian cards have been handed out.

Further, the card was constituted by the Ministries of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Social Affairs (Kemensos), and Religion (Kemenag). So far, this collaboration has positively affected lowering dropout rates.

How to Get The Card

This card, as previously said, is prioritized for particular rings. So not all students receive it. It is exclusively offered to students with financial constraints. For further information, the following groups, among others, are eligible for this card:

  1. Persons with disabilities
  2. Students from low-income or vulnerable households, as well as students with special needs,
  3. Affirmation-using students (West Papua, 3T, and TKI)
  4. Students who have been affected by natural catastrophes, societal conflicts, or exceptional circumstances will be

Moreover, the prerequisites for obtaining the KIP for this course are as follows:

  1. Ownership of the National Education Assistance Program (KIP)
  2. Belonging to a family in the Family Hope Program (PKH).
  3. Holders of the Prosperous Family Card (KKS)
  4. Students from orphanages or social service organizations
  5. Students from households in the poor decile, or in the same group as category four, according to the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS)

That was all about the Smart Indonesia Card, which is anticipated to lower dropout rates. It is also worth knowing that the KIP for Papua and West Papua is based on a different foundation than the KIP for the rest of the country.

The Kita Cinta Papua (KCP) initiative was used to develop the KIP for eastern Indonesia. Meanwhile, the national KIP manifests the Smart Indonesia Program (PIP).

The primary goal is for students at all levels of study, including those with professional training, like people at the Faculty of Medicine. The education support money, of course, has a monthly limit of IDR 700 thousand.