Indonesia and West Papua Recent Infrastructure Development

Indonesia and West Papua's Recent Infrastructure Development

In Indonesia and West Papua, reliable infrastructure development is still a priority for the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). It also intends to lessen poverty, lower the cost index, and ensure infrastructure development is distributed relatively across Indonesia.

Indonesia and West Papua's Recent Infrastructure Development


The PUPR Ministry is Making Groundbreaking Moves for Infrastructure Development

These actions are better coordinated, precise, targeted, and synchronized with the local administrations in West Papua and the relevant ministries/agencies. “This action is within the mandate of Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2020 and the direction of President Joko Widodo,” hence, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono declare this.

Budgetary allocation for PUPR infrastructure development in West Papua for FY 2021 is Rp. 6.19 trillion:

  • 732.87 billion Rp. worth of water resources (SDA)
  • 4.49 trillion rupiahs ($4.43 billion) on roads and bridges, 
  • 683.03 billion on settlements, 
  • and 288.35 billion on housing.

According to recent statistics, West Papua’s infrastructure is now developing at a physical progress rate of 37.95% and a financial progress rate of 41.06% for FY 2021.

Moreover 3.75 trillion Rp were allotted and utilized for Indonesia and West Papua‘s natural resources sector. 543.27 billion, 2.66 trillion for settlements and roads, and 228.83 trillion for housing. According to recent statistics, infrastructure development will make a physical advance of 44.09% and financial progress of 42.9% in the 2021 fiscal year.

According to Minister Basuki, opening up remote places is one strategy to enhance the well-being of the Papuan people. They also work to strengthen multimodal and land connections and access. In accordance with this idea, they will build the 3462 km Trans Papua Road.

Of the total length, the road that has been through is 3.446 km, with details:

  • 1,733km of asphalt,
  • 1,712 km of unpaved roads,
  • 16 km of unpenetrated roads.

Furthermore, the handling of the 139 km long Trans Papua Road in Papua and West Papua in 2021 was 120 km. Other projects include brand-new buildings, road openings, and structural and pavement upgrades. The PUPR Ministry is also working on establishing a 1,098 km long border road in Papua. The entire length of the road is 931 km, of which 756 km is asphalt.

34-kilometer-long border road for Indonesia and West Papua

The governments of Indonesia and West Papua began building a 34 km long border road in 2021. Along with improvements to the surface and structure, the route contains a new building. 

The PUPR Ministry is further making 8% progress in constructing the Yetetkun Cross-Border Post (PLBN) in the border regions. The Sota PLBN will complete in April 2022, and the market facilities will end in 2020.

Moreover, the Ministry of PUPR has also constructed 179 schools, managed religions, one state university, and eight sports facilities in Papua to encourage the development of human resource capability. 

Furthermore, the PUPR Ministry also offers HR training for the construction sector in collaboration with Papuan and West Papuan local partners. Additionally, the Wouma Market in Wamena has undergone renovation and redevelopment, which the Ministry of PUPR will finish in 2020 to boost local economic growth in Indonesia and West Papua.

Wrapping Up

At last, the government is also attempting to expand the workspace for excellent, inventive, and advanced Papuan children and grandkids. The Ministry of PUPR Endra’s Spokesperson, S Atmawidjaja, worked in conjunction with the Expert Staff of the Minister for Technology, Innovation, and the Environment. 

They stated that the Directorate General of Human Settlements will construct development centers in West Papua and Indonesia. So, for example, Creative Papua or the Youth Creative Hub in Jayapura, Papua Province, is already working on a project development.

The project is slated to start on August 31, 2021. Endra noted that President Jokowi is giving the initiative much attention. Because of this potential for quick implementation of the Papua Youth Creative Hub. Hopefully, it will lead to the advancement of Indonesia and West Papua.