Indonesia West Papua The Latest News in the Last Week

Indonesia West Papua

Indonesia West Papua news has remained in the spotlight in the past week. Some things concerning West Papua are always exciting and worth reading.

One of them is about natural beauty, which has attracted the attention of several researchers.

The Latest Indonesia West Papua News You Need to Know

West Papua is an area at the very tip of Indonesia. This condition covers West Papua with news, controversial statements, and positive communication.

Conflict and kinship are also there. And much more latest information about West Papua.

So that you are not curious, here are some of the latest news from West Papua to add to your insight:

1. Bird Researchers from Europe are Shocked by the Beauty of West Papua

It’s no secret that West Papua has extraordinary natural beauty. One of them is the diversity of rare bird species. For this, many researchers from outside the country come.

One such researcher was a man from Germany named Dr. Hans Gunther Bauer.

The man from Germany and a colleague made bird observations along the Makbon area to the Malagufuk Tourism Village in the Sorong district.

He worked at the Max Planck Institute, located in Radolfzell. He researched the development of bird populations in the Lake Constance region of Germany.

2. The West Papua Kadiskominfo Car Had an Accident in South Manokwari

The second news is sad. The car entourage of the Head of the West Papua Communication and Informatics Service,

Frans Istia, and three journalists had an accident on the West Papua Trans Route Oransbari-Ransiki route, South Manokwari Regency, Friday (16/12/2022).

There were no fatalities in the accident. Frans Istia survived with three journalists,

Tri Adi Santoso from ANTARA West Papua Bureau, Jimmy Tabisu from TVRI West Papua Bureau, and Adri Susilo from

The car had a single accident while climbing a mountain in the Oransbari District towards Ransiki.

3. West Papua PKN Will Not Sell Promises in the 2024 Election

PKN stands for the Nusantara Awakening Party. West Papua PKN emphasizes that it will not sell promises in the upcoming 2024 General Elections.

West Papua PKN chairman Yohanes Orun said the party bearing the eagle bird would appear different from other political parties.

He explained that the difference between PKN and other political parties was in making decisions that would make Papua better.

According to him, decision-making and authority make the difference and the attractiveness of PKN in the political arena.

PKN is indeed a new party, but PKN is worthy. For this reason, the West Papua PKN is targeting two seats in district or city DPRDs throughout West Papua in the upcoming 2024 elections.

4. Position Selection Will be Conducted Next Week

Entering the latest Indonesia West Papua news, the people of Sorong Raya warmly welcomed the arrival of Acting Governor of Southwest Papua (PBD,

Muhammad Musa’ad at Domine Eduard Osok (DEO) Sorong airport, Friday (16/12/2022).

The community was quite enthusiastic with an excellent response, especially to welcome the arrival of the Acting Governor of Southwest Papua, Mr. Muhammad Musa’ad starting from the DEO airport.

The arrival of the Acting Governor of PBD with his wife included the installation of a crown and traditional dances from the Moi tribe.

There is also the installation of Tomang from the Fakfak tribe to Muhammad Musa’ad.

After arriving at DEO Sorong airport, the residents, the Declarator team, the Presidium team,

The Acceleration team, regional heads, and people from all over Sorong Raya made a convoy around the city of Sorong to the Sorong district.

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