Nowela as Indonesian Idol Papua, This Is The Story

Indonesian Idol Papua

Indonesian Idol Papua – Papua is not only rich in wealth and natural beauty. But the land of Papua also has many hidden talents possessed by its inhabitants.

One example is Nowela, who has become an Indonesian Idol Papua and has won the event with her unique and unique performance and singing technique.

5 Stories of Nowela as Indonesian Idol Papua‘s Journey

Nowela Elizabeth Aupray has gained popularity since taking home the title of Indonesian Idol season 8 in 2014.

The woman who won the competition was born in Wamena on December 19, 1987, and she did so successfully.

Here are several stories about her journey before and after becoming an Indonesia Idol!

  • Winner of Season 8 of Indonesian Idol

Finally, Nowela won the singing competition in season eighth of Indonesian Idol. Nowela frequently held the top spot at that time when compared to other competitors.

But she never loses his spirit, which helps him win this famous competition with all of his strength.

Tantri Kotak, Ahmad Dhani, Anang Hermansyah, and Titi DJ were the judges for the eighth season of Indonesian Idol at the time.

This is big progress for Nowela because it has been her dream for a long time. It is undeniable how happy she felt when she received the award.

  • Has the Nickname ‘Uranium Voice’

A singing event called Indonesian Idol has never stopped giving an extraordinary impression to Nowella while she was a finalist at the event.

Nowela frequently receives praise from the judges for her powerful and distinctive voice. So it is not surprising that she won the event at that time.

She was even given the moniker “Uranium Voice” by Ahmad Dhani, who was then a member of the season 8 jury for Indonesian Idol.

From here, the judges have indeed recognized Nowela’s shrewdness in singing various genres well.

  • Become a Social Activist

The next story about her is about her becoming a social activist. If examined from her personal Instagram page, Nowela is currently active as a social activist.

She is a member of a foundation that focuses on helping malnourished Indonesian children.

Besides that, she also often shares posts with the children she has successfully helped.

This positive activity further shows that Nowela has an inner beauty that radiates from her sensitivity to helping others. This is a very positive activity for everyone.

  • Collect Donations by Singing

Nowela tries to rekindle her enthusiasm by focusing on doing good deeds after failing.

Nowela actively advertises her donations through her personal Instagram and works to assist impoverished Indonesian youngsters.

Through the HOPE global INDONESIA Foundation, she raised as many donations as she could to be given to starving children.

This is a very positive move and many people should do this kind of activity. The goal is to balance the welfare of all people in various regions.

  • Papuan-Batak Blood

She has Batak blood from her mother and Papuan blood from her father. She is currently 33 years old.

Nowela not only has a gorgeous face that is typical of Papua but also a golden voice that draws in the crowds. As you already know, Indonesia has many tribes spread across various regions.

These two tribes (Papua and Batak) are indeed very well known as one of the original inhabitants of Indonesia. This is the uniqueness that is in Nowella.

It is not surprising that its popularity is increasingly well-known among people throughout Indonesia.

Nowela has become an Indonesian Idol Papua who makes the land of Papua proud.

Besides that, this island has become more famous among local people and even abroad.

From the story listed above, we know that there will be no process in vain if you are serious about doing it.