Indonesian Papua Border Residents are Receiving Health Service

Indonesian Papua Border Residents are Receiving Health Service

Villages along the RI-PNG border were searched by TNI troops from the RI-PNG Pamtas task force Battalion 711/Raksatama. The objective is to offer health care to Indonesian Papua citizens living in the nation’s border regions.

Indonesian Papua Border Residents are Receiving Health ServicePapuan children and TNI members (ANTARA News Papua/HO-Pendam XVII/Cenderawasih)

Meet Indonesian Papua Soldiers in Action

Soldiers from the TNI stationed in Sawiyatami Pos Pamtas RI-PNG Yonif 711/Rks went from village to village, offering people of Sawiyatami Village, East Arso District, Keerom Regency, Papua, free medical care right in their homes.

Head Sargeant (Serka) Wahidin, Post Commander (Danpos) Sawiyatami Satgas Pamtas RI-PNG Battalion 711/Rks are in action. They reported that Danpos Sawiyatami Serka Wahidin, together with 10 others and the Task Force health team members, led the free medical activity organized by Pos Sawiyatami.

“The Pos Task Force members personally visit homes in Sawiyatami Village to provide this free therapy as part of their mission to share the love with locals who require assistance and care. Additionally, this free therapy is one of the TNI’s social programs that the Indonesian Papua citizen may directly benefit from,” he explained.

The Current Condition

“When carrying out mobile medical activities, we received information from one of the residents. They said some people were sick and unable to go anywhere. So the health team led by the Task Force Doctor Letda Ckm Kadek Raditya and 10 members immediately visited the residents’ homes,” said First Lieutenant Inf Noby Rory.

“From the results of the health team’s examination, we found that Mr. Boas had a wound infection in the back of the waist, so the health team immediately gave medicine,” he added.

The Purpose of the Health Service

‘Medicine activities for the community have become an active activity that is continuing to ensure the health condition of the Indonesian Papua community and also helping the difficulties they face.

“Besides that, this activity is also one of the TNI’s genuine efforts to provide community health services.

In the same place, Task Force Doctor Letda Ckm Kadek Raditya said that mobile medical activities provided health services for residents in need due to the limited health services for residents.

The entire public, including people of all ages—toddlers, children, teens, and adults—is served by this free medical care. However, because they are more susceptible to illness, the elderly are our target population this time, according to Danpos Sawiyatami of the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Battalion 711/Rks Serka Wahidin.

The Great Impact

It seems that the people of Kampung Swakarsa received the activity well because they felt that it benefited their lives regarding health services.

Meanwhile, Mr. Boas said he was very grateful to Mr. Task Force for the Tami Dam Post; he and the residents of Swakarsa Village were greatly helped by the free health services provided by the TNI.

Members of the Task Force are concerned about supporting Indonesian Papua people who struggle to receive care, especially since it is distant for them to get treatment, such as at a health facility, especially for the elderly.

Manfred, the 45-year-old village chief of Sawiyatami, said that he and the inhabitants who received medical attention were pleased and substantially benefited from this activity.

He said, “Thank you to the TNI Task Force for assisting locals; this is advantageous for Indonesian Papua residents since health is crucial to support everyday activities.”