Indonesian Papua 8 Traditional Games You Can Play

BWhen millennials in big cities play gadgets or online games, tribal children in Papua are engrossed in traditional life typical of the mountains of Indonesian Papua.

8 Traditional Games You Can Play in Indonesian Papua

In fact, after school, boys and their friends will hunt insects such as crickets, cicadas, or grasshoppers. They capture insects, which are subsequently toasted and consumed collectively.

8 Games from Indonesian Papua You Can Try 

The traditional games that honorable teens in West Papua Province are still playing today are in the following sections.

  • Batu Sepuluh

Batu Sepuluh is a traditional children’s game in the bird’s head area of ​​the island of Papua. This game is a group game that both boys and girls can play.

  • Hawam

Hawam is a term to refer to a traditional game of Indonesian Papua, in the form of javelin throwing typical of the Baham ethnic group, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province. 

What is meant by hawam is a conventional game that aims to train dexterity and skills in throwing a javelin (a piece of wood approximately 2 meters long with a pointed tip). The target of the throw is a soft tree trunk, usually a banana tree trunk.

  • Korkouria

Korkouria is a term to refer to a traditional game in the form of a swing typical of the Baham ethnic group, Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province. This game is a conventional game that aims to train dexterity and courage by swinging in the air using forest ropes (vines that usually propagate on trees). 

In addition, it is unknown when the Bahamians first became familiar with this game. However, based on interviews with the WBTB recording team with indigenous Bahamese informants, it was revealed that the korkouria game is a unique game created by the Baham ethnic. 

Therefore, historically this game has existed since the existence of the Baham ethnic group in Papua. But, the game is still being played until the recording time (August 2010). 

The traditional game of korkouria is usually done by choosing a challenging play location. It can be play if there is a cliff on the edge of a river or sea, so if the rope for swinging breaks, the player can freely plunge into the water. Like, children, both women, and men, usually play this game. 

  • Indonesian Papua, Mengget

Mengget is an archery dexterity game using arrows from sticks and soft banana tree trunks as targets. The player who shoots a large number of arrows will be the winner. Origin: Sausapor, Tambrauw, West Papua.

  • Monggonu

Monggonu is a popular cooking game among female. Origin: Tambrauw, Sausapor, and West Papua.

  • Nama Aret

Nama Aret is a traditional children’s game from Ayamaru, Ayamaru, Maybrat, and West Papua. Neighborhood lads play them in their adolescent years. The actions in the competition demonstrate how to throw a wooden spear to strike the target correctly. Papuan designed this game to prepare kids for their first woodland hunt.

  • Indonesian Papua, Yesecha Asya

Playing the Yesecha Asya, which requires stabbing a coiled around rope that allows children to hone their agility.

The materials needed in this game are small rattan ropes and sharpened fruitwood. The participants then get ready to stab after tossing the Asya, or rattan circle, across. Two or more kids take turns playing this game at once.

  • Teke Giach

Game Teke Giach or Teke Fala Boos, related to Secha Vabi (Secha Hoo), is one of Indonesian Papua’s traditional games. And is a type of children’s game that trains a child’s skills and agility in dealing with hunting activities and conventional wars.