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7 Must Know and Interesting Facts About Manokwari

Must Know and Interesting Facts About Manokwari - Interesting facts about Manokwari

When it comes to West Papua, we probably should talk about the area of Manokwari. This is because Manokwari is the capital of West Papua. So, the center of the West Papua government is there. That makes people curious about the interesting facts about Manokwari.

Because Manokwari has a fascinating history and unique facts, some stories and the history of Manokwari will leave you in awe. So, here are some interesting facts about the capital of West Papua that you have to know!

1. Manokwari Means an Old Village

Not many people know the story behind the name Manokwari. Manokwari comes from the Biak Numfor language, which means old village.

This is because Manokwari is an area that has a lot of history. It is one of the oldest government centers and civilizations in the land of Papua.

2. The Birth of Manokwari is November 8th, 1898

As mentioned earlier, Manokwari is one of the oldest government centers in Papua. It started when the Dutch established the first post of government in Manokwari. At that time, Manokwari was still part of the territory of the Kingdom of Ternate from Maluku.

The establishment of the government post happened on November 8th, 1898. So, until now, the citizens commemorate the anniversary of Manokwari every November 8th.

3. A Capital Without City Status

Even though Manokwari is the capital of West Papua Province, its status is not a city yet. Up until now, Manokwari is still a regency. In fact, Manokwari Regency is not the only capital that has no city status. However, there is a discourse on the separation between the regency and the city in government.

Aside from Manokwari, there is also West Sulawesi which has the capital in a regency. Then, there is North Kalimantan, which has a capital in the district, and North Maluku, which has capital in a sub-district.

4. Has More than 20 Indigenous Tribes

Like other West Papua areas, Manokwari also has many indigenous tribes. There are approximately 24 native tribes of Manokwari. The most popular one is the Arfak Tribe. Aside from them, there is also the Irarutu Tribe, Moi Tribe, Maya Tribe, Kuri Tribe, and many more.

5. Have Beautiful Coral Reefs and Shipwrecks

Manokwari also has an interesting bay area, that is Doreri Bay. It is one of the tourist attractions in Manokwari that you need to visit. Because there, you can find a lot of shipwrecks. In fact, there are more than 20 shipwrecks at that location.

However, you could see at least six shipwrecks. Aside from that, the area also has beautiful coral reefs. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the coral reef and shipwrecks while diving.

6. There are Around 147 Types of Bird

Besides the fantastic views of coral reefs, Manokwari is also famous for the beauty of its birds. There are various types of birds in Manokwari. You can probably see around 147 types of Manokwari birds here. It is especially in Cagar Alam Pegunungan Wondiwoy or Wondiwoy Mountains Nature Reserve.

Besides enjoying the beauty of birds, you can also enjoy the two most beautiful bays in West Papua. That is Teluk Cendrawasih or Cendrawasih Bay and also Teluk Wandamen or Wandamen Bay.

7. Center for the Evangelism of Protestant Religion

One of the nicknames for Manokwari is the city of the gospel. It is kind of understandable, because Manokwari is the center of evangelism in West Papua.

This is because the first two missionaries who entered Papua, entered through Mansinam Island. So, the citizens of this island are the first people in Papua to embrace the Protestant religion.

So, those are the interesting facts about Manokwari that you need to know. From history, to various other unique facts regarding the capital of West Papua Province.

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