Investing in West papua: A Guide for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

west papua

Choosing the right location for a business is an essential consideration for an investor. In Indonesia, the province of West papua has also recently been rated as economically developing.

This condition makes investors begin to see the potential that exists in this province.

West papua Investment Potential

Although located at the eastern tip of Indonesia, West papua has a lot of potentials resource to explore.

Not only by local entrepreneurs but this business potential has also been offered to foreign investors.

Some sectors that attract many parties include plantation, forest and marine products.

Some coastal areas in the province have also provided brilliant results for income and as a source of state revenue.

Plantation products such as chocolate from Manokwari have been known throughout the archipelago.

This product has also led the local government to offer Manokwari’s chocolate potential to developed countries such as the United States.

The entry of foreign investors into the region will positively impact overall investment realization.

In addition, other impacts will also be obtain, such as employment and welfare for business actors in the region.

Ransiki Chocolate South Manokwari

Ransiki chocolate, the origin of its cocoa raw material, comes from Ransiki District, South Manokwari Regency.

Not only for chocolate manufacturers in Jakarta but Ransiki cocoa is also export to Switzerland and France, where it is package into premium chocolate bars.

These high-quality cocoa beans are harvest from a 140-hectare farm. It is not a multinational company that manages the farm but a cooperative.

The export cocoa is cultivate by the skill hands of a largely indigenous West papuan workforce.

Every morning, a truck picks up the workers from the centre of the South Manokwari district and takes them to the cocoa plantation of the Ebier Suth cooperative.

Most workers are women, mainly responsible for harvesting cocoa beans.

The name “Ebier Suth” was coined because the phrase from the language of the Sougb tribe, indigenous to South Manokwari, means “to revive”.

Seaweed of Wondama Bay

Besides having many forests and coral reefs, Papua is also famous as a seaweed producer. Papuan seaweed is considere one of the best quality in the world.

One of the seaweed cultivation areas in West papua is Wondama Bay. The seaweed is harvest from local farmers in the village.

Seaweed has only develope in three districts: Roswar District, Roon District, and Rumberpon District.

With the vast waters of Wondama Bay, the cultivation is estimate to reach 200 tons. Seaweed from Papua is also much sought after by other countries.

Even so, the cultivation is still on a small scale. As a result, it has yet to be able to meet market demand.

Seaweed can be a prima donna for its cultivators. Other undeveloped potentials include sea cucumbers, groupers, crabs, and several other types of fish.

Seaweed cultivation in Papua is a promising commodity.

However, the government should pay attention to distribution channels because the transportation of seaweed shipments is very influential on prices at the farm level.

Manokwari Tuna

Manokwari waters are the target fish of fishermen. Local and export market demand is relatively high for tuna fish.

These waters produce the best tuna fish with the highest economic value in the international market.

However, it is unfortunate that no manager focuses on tuna export activities in Manokwari. So far, fishermen only sell their tuna catch to collectors in Makassar.

If you look at the selling price of tuna fish, this should be a concern for the government to bring in investors.

The price of tuna fish can reach 65 thousand rupiahs per kilogram. At the same time, yellowfin tuna can reach 120 thousand rupiahs per kilogram.

With good management, these three potentials can guide business owners who want to invest in West papua.

This province has opened the door to improving the local and national economy just from natural products themselves.