Seven Historical Records Islamic Kingdom in Papua

Islamic Kingdoms in Papua

The entry of Islam into Papua is inseparable from the influence of the Islamic Kingdom in Papua. Although Islam is not the province’s majority religion, it has long been the officially recognized religion.

Get to know the Seven Islamic Kingdoms in Papua

Few people comment on the Islamic Kingdom in Papua because the historical record is minimal. But you don’t need to worry.

You can read a little study about the names of the Islamic Kingdoms in Papua, along with their brief history and sociocultural life!

1. Misool Kingdom

The location of the Misol Kingdom is in the Raja Ampat area, to be precise, on the island of Misool.

Islam entered Misool Island starting from the Misoo Kingdom era. However, there has yet to be an official record of when Islam first entered.

No one knows the political life and government system in the Misool Kingdom. Between still adhering to the traditions of generations or already familiar with democracy.

2. Waigeo Kingdom

The location of the Waigeo Kingdom is on the island of Waigeo, Raja Ampat. This area has been the centre of power for the Waigeo Kingdom since the 16th century.

The existence of the Waigeo kingdom is very influential in the history of Raja Ampat.

The child who became the first king in the Kingdom of Waigeo was named War. At the same time, the majority of people’s lives work as fishermen.

3. Kowiai Kingdom (Namatota)

Located in Kaimana Regency, West Papua, the first king of the Kowiai kingdom was Ulan Tua. After that, King Lamatora spread Islam to the Kokas area.

The second king married Kofiah Batta. The couple is the forerunner to the founding of the Wertuar Kingdom.

However, the lives of the people in the Kowiai Kingdom are also unknown when this Kingdom reached its heyday.

4. Sailolof Kingdom

The current contents of the Sailolod Kingdom are the Seget districts in Misool, Berau and Sorong. However, the location of this Kingdom is south of Salawati, in the village of Sailolog, Raja Ampat.

There are terms used in the government system in the Sailolof Kingdom, one of which is Fun Kalana. Fun Kalana is a customary title in the Sailolof kingdom, whose role is to get help from the palace staff.

5. Rumbati Kingdom

This Kingdom is one of the three traditional kingdoms in the Onin Peninsula. The famous king in the Rumbati Kingdom on this one is Patipi.

King Patipi led the second dynasty and always introduced Islam to the people.

Originally the centre of power of the Rumbati Kingdom was at the western end of the Onin Peninsula. After that, the centre of his power moved to Ega. Onin lost during the War against the Fatagar Kingdom.

6. Fatagar Kingdom

Located in Fakfak Regency, this Kingdom is one of three traditional kingdoms on the Onin peninsula. The Tidora Sultanate influenced its existence.

The king and his people must obey based on the rules and systems made by the Sultan of Tidore.

There needs to be more historical evidence regarding social and cultural life in this Kingdom, including the spread of its Islamic religion.

7. Salawati Kingdom

Kingdom of Salawati in Raja Ampat Regency. The location is directly adjacent to the Misool Kingdom.

There is one very influential Muslim figure in the Kingdom of Salawati. He is Muhammad Aminuddin, who strongly opposes Dutch colonialism.

The seven names of Islamic Kingdoms in Papua above hopefully add to your knowledge.

The lack of historical records regarding the kingdoms in Papua Province makes it difficult for people to know how Papuan life was in the past.