7 Unique Facts about Jayapura, Formerly Called Hollandia


There are many unique facts about Jayapura that many people rarely know. One of the most famous is that it used to be called Hollandia.

This city is the capital of the easternmost province in Indonesia, close to the Papua New Guinea border.

Get to know 7 Unique Facts about Jayapura, Formerly Called Hollandia

Jayapura is the capital city of Papua Province which various nations have long visited, including the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States, during the Second World War.

There are many other facts about Jayapura that you may rarely hear. Curious about what these facts are? Come on, see the following list of 7 unique facts about Jayapura!

1. Changed Name Several Times

The city of Jayapura previously had the name Hollandia and became a district city from 1910 to 1962.

After the Dutch handed over Irian Jaya (the name of Papua at that time) to UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority),

The city’s name changed to Kota Baru. But, the name was short and became Soekarnopura.

After that, the city’s name became Jayapura until now. Jayapura refers to a city in Rajasthan, India, the City of Jaipur, which means the city of victory.

2. Has a District, Not a District

Jayapura residents may be unable to answer if someone asks about the sub-district. In Jayapura, there are districts, not sub-districts.

A district is an area that is part of a district or city. Therefore, districts can be considered equivalent to sub-districts.

Currently, Jayapura City has 5 districts: South Jayapura, North Jayapura, Heram, Abepura, and Muara Tani.

3. There is Jokowi Hill

In the past, there was once an arid hill in Jayapura with weeds and weeds.

However, the arrival of President Jokowi in 2016 turned the hill into an attractive tourist destination. So, the hill was named Bukit Jokowi.

This hill in Skiland presents green trees that look refreshing to the eye, combined with the red Holtekamp bridge, which is 733 meters long. Uniquely, Bukit Jokowi directly faces the Pacific Ocean.

The path to Bukit Jokowi can be reached easily by land. Apart from presenting stunning views, on Jokowi Hill, there is also a honai-shaped inn.

4. There is Lake Love

Apart from Jokowi Hill, Jayapura has a unique and amazing Love Lake.

Lake Love is located in Atabar, Ebungfau, Jayapura, and Papua, with stunning views. The lake is easily accessible by land and water transportation.

5. There is a Lake with 22 Islands

Lake Sentani is its name. This lake presents a beautiful backdrop of the Cyclops Mountains to the north and green trees.

This lake, with 22 islands, has one very famous island, Asei Island, which provides typical Papuan handicrafts, such as beautifully patterned bark cloth.

In the past, Lake Sentani became the location of a seaplane landing training ground. In 1944, the lake was taken over by the American Army from Japan.

General McArthur, one of the legends of the sixth World War in America, also lived here.

6. Has Typical Food, Papeda

This city has a special food that is familiar to Indonesian people, Papeda. Papeda is made with the basic ingredients of sago.

Eating papeda also has a unique tradition: eating from the same plate as other families.

The meaning of this tradition is to keep stories for the future of their children and grandchildren. In addition, papeda has a more varied taste. Some papedas have a broth taste.

7. There is a World War 2 Witness Beach

The beach on the north side of Jayapura City is called Base-G Beach. This beach was the landing site for the Allied Naval forces during World War 2.

The United States-led Allied forces used this beach as a base and gathered strength before attacking the Japanese army that controlled the Philippines.

Only a few people know seven interesting facts about Jayapura City. Hopefully, this information adds to your knowledge.