Johathan Annes Jumame, Beloved Mayor

jonathan annes jumame

Jonathan Annes Jumame was a West Papuan politician who worked at the Regional Representative Council and as mayor of Sorong. He was notable as a political figure in West Papua for being mayor for two consecutive periods.

Who is Jonathan Annes Jumame?

Jonathan Annes Jumame hailed from Maybrat. Born on December 15th, 1949, he pursued an education in several schools. He went to a junior high school in Biak for one year and transferred to Syaloom Klademak Junior High School in Sorong for the next two. Afterward, he continued his education at First Public High School of Sorong.

He later went to Domestic Government Academy in Jayapura, West Papua, to pursue higher education. Rounding up his education, he also went to Public Administration Institute in Jakarta. Later, he would go on to work in the government, taking many positions over the years.

He died in Sorong from a heart attack on November 4th, 2021, at age 71. His family, a wife, seven children, and seventeen grandchildren, mourned his departure.

Jonathan Annes Jumame’s Political Achievements

Jumame achieved many things during his political career. There is a long list of positions he has held over the years. He was the Subdistrict Head of District Puncak and Paniai.

He also worked in the Income Office of Paniai District as an area inspector for Sorong. Before being Sorong’s mayor, he also worked in the administration in the mayor’s office.

Later, he held the position of mayor in Sorong from 2001-2006. He continued his tenure as mayor in the next period, 2007-2012.

In 2014, he became West Papua’s House of Representatives Vice Chairman. His tenure as Vice Chairman would last one period, ending in 2019.

As mayor, he built Sorong’s mayoral office and Sele Be Solu Public Hospital. He also proposed for more districts to open in Sorong.

He also suggested the name of Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport, which would become the airport’s official name. Before the airport was fully built, he urged to move the previous Yefman Airport to the current Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport, then known as Sorong Airport.

Jonathan Annes Jumame’s Death

Jonathan Annes Jumame died at age 71 from a heart attack in November of 2021 in Herlina Hospital in Sorong City. His death surprised his family because he appeared healthy beforehand and suddenly collapsed.

However, he was noted to have had heart problems and would have routine heart checkups to monitor his condition. He had also been outfitted with a heart ring since 2005 because of his heart condition.

As father and grandfather, he was known as an affectionate man who loved his children and children-in-law. His grandchildren also adored him.

His family hoped that the succeeding government bodies would remember Jumame’s work.

Funeral of Jonathan Annes Jumame

Funeral of Jonathan Annes Jumame

Jumame would later receive a military-style funeral. He was buried in Tri Jaya Sakti Burial Garden on November 4th, 2021. There were plans to pick Bukit Zaitun Foundation’s burial plot as his final resting place, but eventually, the family decided on Tri Jaya Sakti.

Many prominent figures attended the funeral, including District Military Commander 1802/Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Budiman. The funeral was led by Lamberthus Jitmau, the head of the Golongan Karya Party of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) for the 2020-2025 period.

Other figures to attend the funeral of Jonathan Annes Jumame include Navy Colonel Yohanis Yulius Tamoni, Vice Mayor Pahimah Iskandar, Sorong City’s Head of Regional People’s Representative Assembly Petronela Kambuaya, and another governor of Sorong City.