Jusak Prastia Girsang, the Late Colonel from West Papua

West Papua
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On the fourth date of March this year, West Papua mourned the passing of Indonesian Armed Forces-Land Forces (TNI-AD) Colonel, Jusak Prastia Girsang. The Commander of a Military Region Command (Danrem), who was placed in the eastern region of Indonesia, was dead due to a heart attack.

West Papua
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The Death of the Army from West Papua

Jusak Prastia Girsang was dead after a video conference with Military Area Command Commander in Chief (Pangdam) XVIII/Major General Gabriel Lema. After he was rushed to the hospital, Girsang kicked a bucket at 17.40 Eastern Indonesian Time. Major Infantry Hikmat Ilahi also confirmed his death. The doctor from the Regional Hospital of Fakfak, West Papua, stated that the cause of the death was a sudden heart attack.

On that day, before the incident, the colonel had a morning exercise along with other armies in Military Region Command Headquarters (Makorem). There were also other officers joining the activity. Ilahi stated that Girsang was still in good condition at that time.

Later that afternoon, the colonel was still able to make a video conference along with other officers of the West Papua army in Military Area Command (Kodam) Area of XVIII/Kasuari, including Lema. During the conference, the deceased reported that he had a cold sweat. Around 3 P.M., an ambulance came per his request. He was given first aid before being rushed to the hospital. (https://www.tribunnews.com/regional/2022/03/05/profil-kolonel-jusak-prastia-girsang-perwira-tni-yang-meninggal-danrem-182jo-fakfak-papua-barat?page=2)

Profile of Jusak Prastia Girsang

Girsang was an alumnus of the Military Academy from the Air Defense Artillery branch. Before taking the Commander of Military Region Command JO’s office, he was a Commander of Military District Command 0203/Langkat.

Here are some of his other positions:

  • Head of Tactics Department at the Military Academy (Kadeptik)/Staff of Army Air Defense Artillery School (Pusdikarhanud) of Army Air Defense Artillery Center (Pussenarhanud)
  • Commander of medium air defense artillery battalion (Yonarhanudse) 13/BS
  • Chief of planning staff division (Asren) of Military Area Command Head of Staff (Kasdam) VI/Mulawarman
  • Commander of Army Air Defense Artillery School (Pusdikarhanud)
  • Deputy Commander of Information Center of Air Defense Artillery (Wadanpusspenarhanud)
  • Middle-Grade Officer of headquarters detachment of Army Headquarters (Pamen Denma Mabesad) (2020– 2021)
  • Commander of Military Region Command 182/Jazira Onim (2021–2022)

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Danrem 182/JO

Military Region Command 182/Jazira Onim has working areas of Fakfak, Kaimana, Teluk Bintuni, South Manokwari, Teluk Wondama, and Pegunungan Arfak, West Papua. The headquarter of the Command is located in Fakfak.

In line with the strategic planning of the organizational arrangement of Military Area Command XVIII/Kasuari of 2020–2024 period, new units equal to Military Region Command and Brigade needed to be inaugurated.

These new units were Military Region Command 182/Jazira Onim (JO) and Brigade Infantry 26/Gurana Piarawaimo (GP) to complement the strength of the territorial unit’s ranks and maneuver unit Military Area Command XVIII/Kasuari.

It is based on the regulation of Army Chief of Staff number Kep/352/IV/2020 on April 23, 2020, on the unit arrangement and new unit arrangement of the ranks of TNI-AD.

Yonarhanudse 13

Yonarhanudse 13 was used to be called Yonarsuse 13. It was established based on the needs of the TNI-AD organization in 1965 to protect vital objects from an airstrike. It was all because, at that time, Indonesia was in a hot pot with Malaysia.

The establishment was also accompanied by other Arhanud units in the TNI-AD ranks. And this project was called project 515. This project consisted of 5 (five) Medium Air Defense Artillery Battalions, was named Arsuse; 1 (one) Light Air Defense Artillery Battalion, was named Arsuri, and 5 (five) Radar Detachments.

An operation called Operasi Gigih was run on March 19, 1965. In two waves, National Air Defense Command (Kohanudnas) translocated personnel from Java to Sumatera Island.

The first wave was carried out in June 1965, and the second was in September 1965 in Pekanbaru. After Debarkation, Arhanud training was held for three months. In September 1965, there were two batteries of Arhanud in the airfield complex in Simpang Tiga in Pekanbaru for the Dwikora Operation.

With the arrival of personnel and materials for embarkation two and two P-20 stations in September, holistic training was deemed necessary. Thus, the training was held in February 1966 before the air defense forces ran the Dwikora operation. (https://www.wikiwand.com/id/Batalyon_Artileri_Pertahanan_Udara_13)

As an honorable act, Major General Gabriel Lema and Commander of Military Region Command (Danrem) 181/Praja Vira Tama (PVT) Brigadier General Wawan Erawan delivered the colonel’s body to Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, West Papua, on Saturday. The delivery was only a transit before being flown to Jakarta. The body was planned to be buried at Pondok Aren Funeral Home, Ciledug, Tangerang.

At the West Papua airport, Lema was also accompanied by the head of the expert officers group (Kapok Sahli) of Military Area Command (Kodam) XVIII/Kasuari Brigadier General Wahyu Eko Purnomo, Military Region Command Head of Staff (Kasrem) 181/PVT Colonel Infantry Mahudin Latupono, Military Region Command (Korem) section chiefs 181/PVT, and ranks of Military Region Command 181/PVT. (https://www.republika.co.id/berita/r89n0s484/saat-vicon-bersama-pangdam-kasuari-kolonel-jusak-prastia-girsang-mendadak-meninggal)

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Those are stories and profiles of Colonel Jusak Prastia Girsang, who dedicated his life to defending West Papua.