Feel the Incredible Sensation of Many Types Kaimana Fishing

Kaimana Fishing

Kaimana fishing is one of the leading destinations that has always been a magnet for local and international tourists.

For lovers of the world of fishing, they will feel at home for a long when they come to Kaimana.

Come to Kaimana Fishing, A Strike Party Awaits

When you are an angler, of course, you and several communities will continue to look for fishing locations that are satisfying and exciting. A striking party with excellent types of fish is sure to be fun.

Fishing in Kaimana is suitable for you. Fishing and travelling is undoubtedly a good idea. As is well known, West Papua is rich in fish. Why is Kaimana fishing excellent? Here’s the reason:

1. Many Types of Fish are Anglers’ Favorites

The first reason you should be fishing for Kaimana is that there are many types of fish. Anglers’ favourite type of fish is an aggressive fish, a typical fish in the area.

In Kaimana, of course, you will find fish that are the target of Anglers.

You can get a super double or even a triple strike for Giant Travel fish or what people call GT. Baramundi fish and other types, such as black bass and black mangrove, will make you enjoy it.

The health and variety of fish species prove that Kaimana’s cleanliness and natural conditions are still well maintained.

It can be a comfortable home for many fish that are the favourite spot for anglers.

2. Satisfying Fishing Spot

It is no longer a secret that Indonesia is a paradise of flora and fauna, especially for its underwater natural preservation.

Coral reefs are still well preserved, and public awareness already understands the potential of a place.

There are lots of fishing spots in Kaimana that can be your destination with friends. Each fishing spot has fish that will make you addicted and feel extraordinary satisfaction.

3. Jumbo Fish Size

There are many things that natural survivors and the government do so that people know how important it is to protect marine ecosystems and nature, which are potential benefits for the surrounding community.

Good natural conditions will undoubtedly attract the attention of many parties, especially if the mainstay spot is fishing.

Of course, the public must be aware not to damage the marine environment to protect the water ecosystem.

Due to the perfect condition of the aquatic ecosystem, the fish are huge and so aggressive.

Even when fishing from the surface, you can already see the flash of the fish’s distinctive skin shining because of the unique Kaimana sunlight.

You can find jumbo fish if you go to the middle of the ocean, which is so deep. Getting it takes work. However, if you go to Kaimana, you will undoubtedly get an extraordinary experience.

4. Seawater Fish and Freshwater Fish

Kaimana fishing does not only exist in seawater but also in fresh water.

Don’t get me wrong, even a few years ago, a tourist wanted to try a new water spot, and it seemed successful and even surprised them.

The spot is in Lakahia Village in Etna Bay, Kaimana Regency, Etna Bay.

They then headed for the Urama River and the Mairuma River. In these rivers, they managed to catch baramuli and black snapper.

The next day, they fished again around the Urama estuary and caught lots of barramundis, black snapper, trestle (GT), and several other types of fish.

This matter was published in a French-language magazine in Paris.

This publication then attracted a fishing tourism activist who is also a member of the International Fishing Club from France to try to find other spots on the rivers and lakes in Kaimana.

Kaimana fishing has had a lot of visitors lately, and it has even become the leading destination for Anglers to fish for freshwater and seawater fish.

The reason why Kaimana is they are satisfied with the wealth of the underwater world.